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The Pain Games series is a dystopian fantasy which tells the story of two sisters, Anastasia and Felicia, who are selected for the Pain Games - a voyeuristic event which involves them in being subjected to a significant amount of corporal punishment. Two prequels are also available which tell of the exploits and punishments befalling Lucinda, and her sadistic mentor, Imogen Goldthorpe.
The Pain Games Whipping Girl (Pain Games Trilogy) Nemesis (Pain Games Trilogy) Orphan Girl Imogen Goldthorpe The Pain Games Box Set
Set within the city of Edinburgh, the Confessions Trilogy describes the erotic spanking enounters of Matthew, Caroline and Jane.
Confessions of a Spanker The Secret Life of Jane Anderson The Unusual Activities of Caroline Graham The Confessions Trilogy Box Set
Set in Texas, the Love on A Ranch series delivers passion, excitement and adventure for the inhabitants of the Armstrong ranch. The cowboys on this ranch know just how to treat (and spank) their women...
The Texas Rancher and the English Rose My Texas Cowboy The Cattle Rustler's Bride The Billionaire Cowboy
The Friends and Lovers series follows the adventures of two couples living in the lights and flash of the California fashion and celebrity scene. Valerie Howard and Kylee Dorcas are best friends who find themselves falling in love with two sexily dominant men - the lovingly stern tattooed giant Jason Cattinia and the wickedly sexy surfer River Ryberg. Each book delves further into the fun and pitfalls of growing erotic spanking play and a full Domestic Discipline relationship. These two couples are not brats and doms fussing over missed mortgage payments or speeding tickets, these are young couples exploring DD with love, sex, fights and varying degrees of success. Smart, sexy and always real the Friends and Lovers series is guaranteed to put a smile on your face... and a blush on your cheeks.
Cocktails & Roses Learning Curves Discipline & Love in LA
The Educating Judith series: Ever since she can remember, Judith has fantasised about being spanked. When she is invited to France and discovers a martinet in the schoolroom of a lovely house, her fantasies soon become reality. Later in her life when she is a mother of teenagers she is invited by her former Paris flatmate to spend a few weeks in Sitges, where once again she is involved in a punishment scenario. Back home in England she discovers that there is an exciting change in her relationship with her husband when he tells her that he might not be averse to punishing her...
French Discipline Spanish Discipline English Discipline Educating Judith
In the Spanking Sorority series new recruits to Phi Gamma Beta find that standards of discipline in the sisterhood are strict, and any infraction of the rules is punished in the appropriate manner - by a good old fashioned bare bottomed paddling. Events involving the Phi Sigma Tau fraternity are also described.
The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 1 The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 2 The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 3 The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 4 The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 5 The Spanking Sorority Box Set
The Shelly Brooks series describes how, following an indiscretion on the family computer, 19-year old college sophomore Shelly Brooks is forced to confess her life long yearning for corporal punishment to her mother. From this point, her life changes in a big way, including a trip to the woodshed. And as the stories unfold, it isn't just Shelley who earns herself a spanking.
The Talk Three Over the Knee Jill's Birthday Chutes and Ladders Shelly Brooks
The Pippa series is an erotic rite of passage tale between Tom and Pippa as they progress from the sixth form to University, enjoying many spanking games along the way.
A New Girl at Westland Hall Naughty Oxford Games Forever the Sixth Former Pippa

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