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If you have any queries not covered by the Help page please drop us a note using the Contact Us facility on our menu and we will do our very best to answer.
We accept PayPal as the means of payment for all ebooks. PayPal allows you to pay using your bank account, debit or credit cards without sharing your financial details and without having to have a PayPal account yourself. All financial transactions made via PayPal are completely secure.

You can choose to view the price of our ebooks in either US dollars (USD, $) or pounds sterling (GBP, £). Select the required currency using the drop-down selector.
E-book Formats
E-books are available in a number of different formats and LSF Publications provides what we consider to be the 3 most popular and useful formats as follows:

The ePub format is probably the most common of all the formats and is widely supported across all platforms. This is the recommended format for the Nook, Sony and Kobo eReaders. It is also the recommended choice for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users in conjuntion with the Bluefire Reader app. In addition, Windows PC or Apple Mac users can download Adobe Digital Editions, which will allow you to read epub books on your desktop. Users of Android devices will be able to read ePub format documents using Aldiko.

The Mobipocket (mobi) format is the recommended choice for Kindle, Windows CE, Handheld PC, Palm OS device, Pocket PC, Blackberry or an EPOC device. Mobipocket Reader software can be downloaded here.

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) is the recommended format for Windows PCs and laptops, Apple Macs and Windows-based tablets. You will need to make sure that Adobe Reader is installed. This software is available for free via the Adobe website.

If you've ordered the wrong e-book format by mistake please get in touch via the Contact Us facility and in most cases we will send you the correct format of document via email
Transferring mobi files to Kindle
There are two ways to send MOBI-formatted application notes to your Kindle: connecting your Kindle to your computer, or emailing the mobi file to your free Amazon Kindle e-mail address:

1. Transfer by connecting your Kindle to your computer:
  • Download the mobi format file to your computer.
  • Using the USB/charging cable provided with the Kindle, connect your Kindle to the computer.
  • Drag and drop the file to your Kindle's 'documents' folder, using your computer's file browser.
  • When done, eject the Kindle's disk icon (right-click on the icon and choose 'Eject'.).

2. E-mail the mobi file:
  • Setup the Kindle e-mail feature:
    • - Go to your Amazon account and click the "Manage Your Kindle" link.
    • - Find your Kindle name and Kindle e-mail address. Add "free" to the email address, following this example: [email protected]
    • - To avoid spam, only contacts on your Kindle approved e-mail list can send attachments to your Kindle. Update the section, 'Your Kindle Approved E-mail List' to include the address from which you will be sending the links.
  • Download the mobi format file to your computer.
  • Attach the file to an e-mail message and send it to your Kindle's e-mail address (e.g. [email protected]).
  • The document is automatically transferred to your Kindle.
All of the ebooks provided by LSF Publications are strictly copyright protected works. Legal protection of an author's intellectual property rights is covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the USA, and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act in the UK. In order to do anything with an author's work other than read it, you need the author's written permission to do so; otherwise, you commit an illegal act. In general, you must not copy or reproduce; alter; transmit; distribute free or for sale, any work without written permission from the copyright holder.
We do not offer refunds on purchased ebooks but we will provide ebooks in alternate formats where the wrong format has been purchased. We will also replace damaged content with either an undamaged file of the ebook or the same ebook in an alternate format. All requests for replacement of damaged files or alternate formats must be made via the 'Contact Us' facility within 72 hours of purchase.