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Discipline & Love in LA
By: Elizabeth Belmont

Published: May 18, 2017
Words: 112,493
Orientation: M/F
Category: romance, domestic discipline
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In this 112,000 word novel, Val enjoys the high life in LA, working for the prestigious Cachet Events, the best events and planning agency in Los Angeles. Aside from her demanding job, she has her bodyguard boyfriend, Jason, head of JC Securities. The two are well matched, and big guy Jason keeps his spitfire girl in line by spanking her bottom when she needs it ... which is often, given her feisty nature and quick temper. Then there's Kylee, Val's best friend, who is in a relationship with River, the owner of the Ebb Tide Surf Shop. River reckons Kylee needs a touch of domestic discipline to help her curb her ways, but Kylee resists... until she really messes up by taking drugs, and is so remorseful she's ready to face the consequences of her actions.

The story unfolds against a backdrop of intrigue and lies, rappers, inflated egos and shady clubs, not to mention office politics, where Val's rival, the sleazebag Ralphie, does all he can to make life difficult for her at work. And then there's Val's client, Q-zone, who hires Val to plan an extravagant birthday party; but not only is the big time super-rich rap star obnoxious, he's out to cause trouble for Val.

Life is full, fun and hectic, with smouldering passions, hot bottoms, and a whole lotta love. This is the third book in the Friends and Lovers series.