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The Spanking Digest: Issue 17
a journal of spanking fiction
By: LSF Publications

Published: May 02, 2017
Words: 24,781
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Celebrating diversity in spanking fiction, this issue of The Spanking Digest features the following stories:

The Charity Auction by Steve Timmons: Amber and Megan, waitresses at a gentlemen's club, have been scamming customers. They have stolen some twenty thousand dollars before getting caught. The owner confiscates the items they have bought and sets up a charity auction, inviting the club's best patrons and victims of the girls' scams. College girls Amber and Megan are switched in front of the crowd, one stroke for each $500 raised, then taken over the knees of the two biggest spenders for a final round of spanks.

Scheming Sisters by Neil Dominic: Sibling rivalry and petty jealousy is displayed at its best and its worst as sisters Janie and Katie plot each other's downfall. Janie engineers a sound slippering for Katie's bottom, but two can play that game, as Katie manipulates the situation to get Janie caned. But for all their devious schemes, the sisters end up the best of friends as well as sore bottomed.

The Honeymoon by Susan Thomas: Spanked by her father as a child, Kathy knows she wants to marry a man who will be the head of the household, and spank her when necessary. She meets the ideal man and they marry. On honeymoon, in a hotel where domestic discipline is practised, she receives her first spanking from her new husband, followed a few days later by a true disciplinary spanking with public corner time. She knows, though, that she made the right choice of husband.

His and Hers by John Benson: Joanie and her husband each have a secret; Joanie wants to be punished to make up for the slutty things she has done in her past, and her husband wants to punish yet is reluctant to confide his needs to his wife. But by sharing their secrets with each other, both their needs are met beyond their wildest dreams.

At the Fair by R.G. Chilton: As a child, Bev had been fascinated by her cousins' spankings, but had never experienced one herself. Now older, she has gone a bit wild. Her uncle takes her to an adult fair, where Bev signs up for a game where the winners and losers all get spanked. The only difference is in the severity of the punishments.

All at Sea by Dominic Black: It is Cadie's last day at a Texas High School where she has been an exemplary student and is starring as a sailor boy in the school's end of term musical. Caught by the Deputy Head, she and two others are found smoking and drinking just before the start of the show. She has no alternative other than to receive her first ever punishment after the performance.