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Southern Exposure: Season 2
a teenage boy's extraordinary journey into the fascinating world of spanking
By: Steve Timmons

Published: Oct 11, 2017
Words: 24,377
ASIN: B076CF5231
Orientation: mixed
Category: teen, domestic discipline
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Price: $2.99
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The central character of this multi-volume spanking saga is John, who has grown up in the rural south of the USA in the 60's and 70s, during a time when spanking was commonplace. The story begins when he is almost seventeen...

In this episode, John's sister, Ann, gets more practice sessions to help prepare her for her Hell Week initiation; she receives a paddling from Mom and John, and later that night asks John to give her a dozen licks with the fearsome Scottish tawse as she has a burning desire to know what it feels like. John continues to work part time for Susan, the attractive young teacher on whom he has a major crush, but she fails to heed his advice to renew the old fuses in the barn, and a fire starts. Feeling guilty, Susan confesses to her father, who says she deserves to be punished. As her father lives out of town, Susan asks John to deliver her punishment. Surprised at this reversal of roles, John steps in and administers a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush.

John's infatuation for Susan reaches boiling point as his birthday arrives. One of her presents to him is a large wooden paddle with his name on, and of course, it has to be christened - with John wearing nothing but his birthday suit! He goes over her lap for his birthday spanking, followed by the pair of them skinny-dipping in her secluded pool. John's education continues as Susan instructs him in the art of delivering erotic spankings, but the best birthday surprise of all is when she presents him with a condom, and his long-held fantasy turns to reality.

Previously in Southern Exposure... John's first experience of getting spanked occurs when he does some jobs for Susan, an attractive young teacher. She is having a few problems with some of her older pupils and admits she wants to spank them. Recognising she has sparked an interest, she offers to demonstrate her technique - on John's bare bottom. John quickly becomes enamoured with Susan and her discipline, and he later discovers his older sister Anne preparing for Hell Week as Mom gives her a few practice sessions with the wooden paddle. To his surprise, John is invited to join in - but before he can give out any swats, he first has to take some himself.

The whole spanking thing preys on his mind, and he is eager for more, so when he and Ann are called to a family meeting and learn about their parents hitherto undisclosed spanking activities when they were teenagers, his thirst to experience more of this exciting new world increases.