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Little Diana and Her Daddy Dom
a BDSM ageplay romance
By: Jade Sinclair

Published: Oct 10, 2017
Words: 30,970
ASIN: B076B7CC65
Orientation: M/F
Category: ageplay, romance
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Price: $3.49
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On her first day of a new job with a high-powered company, Diana is pleasantly surprised by the informal dcor and sense of fun. As she enters the building, she is befriended by Max, a friendly guy who introduces her to colleagues as he gives her a tour of the building. He turns out to be Max Duvall, the owner of the company, and he is very much attracted to his new employee. The feeling is mutual, but as Diana settles down to her role, her jealous boss, the formidable Marla, makes life difficult for her.

However, the relationship between Diana and Max develops well, the sexual chemistry ignites, and when Diana finds Max has a fascination with spanking she agrees to let him discipline her... at first because she wants to please him, but later because she realises she needs a hot bottom. He sets rules for her and she knows she will pay the price on her bottom for breaking them. But their relationship isn't all about sex; they have fun times in the park, play games in the den, and he pampers her with bubble baths and pretty little girl clothes. She calls him Daddy, and he loves it. Together, they embrace kink in the privacy of their home where they enjoy fun role play punishments followed by delicious sex. Diana revels in her feelings of submitting to this dominant man. There is only one person who threatens Diana's happiness ... Marla.

Publisher's Note: Little Diana and her Daddy Dom includes age play, anal play, and explicit sexual scenes. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.