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Disciplinary Tales: Issue 5
a journal of spanking fiction
By: DJ Black

Published: Oct 05, 2017
Words: 25,244
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories:

Three Sisters: Galen's three daughters may be grown up but they still cause him strife. He has to cane his youngest daughter for a thoughtless error and then he insists his middle daughter's suitor prove his suitability by spanking and caning her. Just when he thinks it is all over he catches his eldest daughter sneaking back into the house late at night after meeting a man, and he birches her soundly.

That Corner Time and the Summer of 1973: Martin knows that spanking and corner time are the best way to handle his fiery-tempered wife, especially after a mishap with the car. So Harmony finds herself in the corner again, nose to the wall, on a breezy summer day. As she struggles to keep a penny from dropping from the wall, she recalls some embarrassing past spankings. When the neighbours question Martin about the noise they'd heard earlier, they discover the bare-bottomed Harmony on display. Can things get any worse for her?

Punishment: Helen is found guilty in a foreign country and must face a severe flogging as penalty. Rather than decry the sentence as barbaric and create unwanted publicity for herself, she accepts the first round of punishment from her 'instructor' Stefan. A spark of chemistry is ignited between the two, as well as a fearsome heat in her bottom.

A Spanking on Main Street: It is wartime, and when Brad says he might join the army, girlfriend Kathy is scornful and rude. When he threatens to spank her, she continues to taunt him until he follows through... with a public, bare-bottom spanking!

Committee of One: Committee of One: Addie agrees to spend the summer in Colorado with her room mate Fran. She looks forward to satisfying her curiosity because Fran lives in a commune, and all who live there are subject to domestic discipline. Although Addie has a general idea of what goes on, she doesn't think she will be included in any of the punishments. Wrong. Her silly stunt when out riding earns her a hard spanking on her bare bottom, and when she takes pictures of someone's spanked bottom, she gets a taste of the strap. And yet, over time, she begins to feel like one of the family.

Grounded: As Marnie is doing corner time after her spanking from Steve, the phone rings and the answering machine cuts in telling everyone who calls that Marnie has been a naughty girl and is grounded for a week. But one of the messages gives her every indication that Steve is going to give her another spanking when he finds out what she's done...

The Devil Made Me Do It: The narrator has a strange and compelling dream in which he finds himself in Purgatory. He joins a very long line of beautiful young women slowly crossing towards heaven, every tenth one being subjected to extreme punishment with paddle, strap or cane. The narrator is invited to punish some himself, with chilling consequences.

The Vicar's Tea Party: Bella, a young widow, is given an over-the-knee lesson in discipline by the hairbrush-wielding vicar, encouraged by Mrs Fortitude who is also a firm believer in bare bottom discipline. Bella decides to heed the lesson and spank her own daughter from now on and Ruth soon gives her reason to do so. Meanwhile Mrs Fortitude has to make amends for overspending and faces her husband's cane.