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Disciplined by Her Daddy - Book Two
a collection of father spanks daughter stories
By: Louis Woodley

Published: Sep 24, 2017
Words: 24,658
Orientation: M/f
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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Opening Salvo of the Stepfather Wars: Mark and Donna's relationship is being seriously jeopardized by Donna's bratty, overindulged teenage daughter, Mary Beth. Mark, who intends to marry Donna, makes it clear that Mary Beth's attitude and behaviour need to change and that he intends on lighting some serious fires on the girl's backside in order to bring this about...

Accidental Rear-Ending: When a teen driver carelessly rear-ends another car, she is fortunate that her dad owns a garage and can fix the minor damage without involving the police and insurance companies. But the young driver pays the price with a very sore rear end that evening.

Hiding a Runaway Leads to Two Hidings: When Susan has yet another row with her mother she runs away and hides in her friend Megan's basement. Later, when questioned, Megan lies to her dad about it, and when Susan is found, both girls end up over Dad's knee for a spanking.

Stephanie's Reminder Spankings: Stephanie was a 14-year-old brat when Geoff married her mother. Her first spanking came a few days after the wedding and continued right until she was 17. By then, however, she was resigned to her stepfather's punishments and accepted his discipline.

The Wrong Time to Seek Revenge: Choosing to get her twin brother back rather than heed an earlier caution from their father, Rebecka finds herself in trouble. She must wait, bent over a workbench in the family garage, while her brother retrieves Dad's belt.

Halftime Entertainment for Dad's Friends: An 18-year-old girl chronicles how her dad and his cronies get together to watch Monday Night Football at her house and their halftime entertainment consists of spanking her bare bottom.

I Missed the Make-Up Exam: Cally gets a chance to improve on a poor grade, but with her mind on other things, she misses the make-up exam. Her dad motivates her to remember what's important in future with his belt and, despite a sore bottom, she emerges from the experience with a boyfriend and a chance to get a few points added to her test score.