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Erin's Discipline
the corporal punishment of a teenage girl
By: Jake Masters

Published: Sep 26, 2017
Words: 51,735
Orientation: M/F
Category: teen
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Price: $3.79
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Erin at eighteen is clever and attractive... a bit of a tease, a girl who likes to be admired, especially on the tennis court. Tom, her school tennis coach, reprimands her for her slutty little panties and offers her a choice: to be thrown off the tennis team, or take a spanking. She opts for the latter, which marks the beginning of her journey into discipline. Tom proves himself to be an effective disciplinarian, and over time, Erin comes to realise that she benefits from corporal punishment. Her grades improve and she gets excellent A-Level results.

A summer job in a restaurant in Scotland finds Erin in trouble again, this time with her employer, Rob, who objects to her constantly bending over in her short skirt. Half-drunk, she scratches his new car ... and Rob takes great pleasure in delivering the first of many bare bottom strappings for the pretty little posh girl. Her debt eventually paid by regular punishment sessions, Erin takes a holiday to catch up on her riding. Here she meets the handsome Perry, and a sexual relationship ensues. But Perry gives her a hard beating with the dressage whip, and it is more than she can comfortably take.

Erin's spankings recommence with Tom who gives her private tuition to help prepare her for a place at Oxford University. As well as giving her a sore bottom, Tom also gives her humiliating punishments to help keep her in line. Her discipline continues at Oxford, delivered by the strict Dr. Pritchard, a true master with the cane. And through it all, Erin acknowledges she needs discipline, needs a firm hand to keep her motivated. She gets her wish...