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Chastising Arnold
a domestic femdom novella
By: W A Whyte

Published: Sep 09, 2017
Words: 31,062
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $3.29
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When a tall and beautiful woman walks into Arnold's bookshop, he is captivated. They chat for a while, and as she's new in town, Annabelle asks Arnold to show her around... and she also asks him out for dinner that evening. Arnold can't believe his luck - a hot date with a stunning woman! The evening goes well and a relationship ensues, with great sex. But gradually it becomes apparent that Arnold has a bad habit of leering at other women. Annabelle becomes more and more annoyed and threatens to give him a spanking if he doesn't stop doing it. Having fantasised for most of his life about being spanked, this threat makes Arnold do it all the more! He gets his spanking, and it proves to be the first of many.

As the relationship progresses, the pair fall in love and Arnold moves in with Annabelle. He gradually gives himself up to her control and discipline, and finds she doesn't hesitate to lay it on hard when he misbehaves... and he does, often, and the ensuing spankings aren't always the fun sort.

Alone in the house when Annabelle is away on one of her business trips, Arnold calls Sara, an ex-girlfriend, and they have sex. Later, full of guilt, he fervently hopes Annabelle won't find out. Unfortunately for Arnold, she does...