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The Twelve Step Spanking Program
a domestic discipline regime
By: Ben Joseph

Published: Aug 04, 2017
Words: 30,545
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline, romance, bdsm
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Jonas Balin is a wealthy, self-made businessman. A private person, he is efficient, brusque, with a natural air of authority and a steely determination. In addition to running his business, he also operates a very unique program, designed to help a number of young women get their lives back on track. So when Jennifer contacts him about her niece, Eden, she persuades him to accept Eden on his program. Eden is nineteen, a creative, highly intelligent woman with a bright future as a writer; but that bright future is marred as Eden is teetering on the edge of a precipice of booze and drugs.

Jonas steps in to take charge. Eden, in her fuddled post-drinking binge state, signs a contract which outlines twelve steps to changing her lifestyle. Once sober, she realises what she has signed up to - a regime of early mornings, exercise, hard work, no alcohol or cigarettes, supervised by Jonas. When she falters, she learns that the disciplined program includes exactly that: corporal punishment. The spankings are relentless, driving the message home. Eden hates them, and Jonas ... but over time, her perception of the man and his discipline changes. Not only does she learn to cope with the spankings, she comes to almost enjoy them, and she begins to fall in love with Jonas.

The effects of the program show a huge improvement in Eden's self control. She knuckles down and works hard, and the resultant change is a good one. However, it isn't only Eden who changes, but Jonas too. It appears that beneath his aloof, stern and almost humourless exterior, there is a fun loving and tender side to be enjoyed by the one special woman in his life...