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The Spanking Digest: Issue 20
a journal of spanking fiction
By: LSF Publications

Published: Jul 31, 2017
Words: 25,303
ASIN: B074F3296J
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Celebrating diversity in spanking fiction, this issue of The Spanking Digest features the following stories:

The Present by Art Zeeton: Claudia tells her husband Ricky he can choose what he wants as his birthday present from her, but every time she asks him what he's decided on, he is evasive, making out he's still thinking about it. Then one Saturday afternoon, Ricky calls her from the golf course and asks her to write down an address so she can go and pick up his birthday present. Claudia is very surprised when she arrives at the premises of a spanking video company. When she asks if she can collect the video for her husband, she is told it hasn't been made yet. It seems that Claudia has the starring role, and her shapely bottom pays the price of this very unique birthday gift.

Book of the Month Club Review by Rosanna Young: Tom's book-of-the-month club selection is a bit different from his usual fare. Snuggling up to his wife in bed, he reads the story out loud, getting hugely turned on in the process. The tale of a husband disciplining his errant wife sets the wheels in motion for a big change in the relationship between Tom and Aggie. On another occasion, Tom retrieves the book and pleasures himself as he reads the spanking story. Aggy, meanwhile, is secretly watching; she too is very turned on, believing that Tom doesn't know she is there...

Soundly Spanked Six-Love Six-Love! by Karl Quentin: Elena, a bright young tennis hope from the Czech Republic, is a very good player but has the potential to be great. She needs the right sort of coaching from an experienced coach who will stand for no nonsense. Elena's father engages the professional services of Pat Roof, a former Australian champion. Fed up with Elena's laziness and temper tantrums, Pat provides a suitable incentive ... he puts the sassy young woman over his knee and gives her a sound spanking. It works a treat!

Altogether as She Was Born by A.V. Powderham: Wendy is confused. She's a teacher, not a student, but here she is in the headmaster's study, standing before the big desk where the steely-eyed headmaster, Mr Braithwaite, sits and glares at her. He is convinced that Wendy is an unruly fifth-form pupil; he lectures her on her poor attitude and for not paying attention in class, and instructs her to select a cane from the cupboard. With trembling fingers, Wendy retrieves a cane. Turning to face the headmaster she blushes, horribly embarrassed ... because she is in the nude! But perhaps things aren't quite what they seem...

The Kings Arms by Joy Peters: Amanda Andrews is an adult part-time student at the Saint Belvoir School. She has been given permission to join the school for one day a week to enable her to study for a Diploma in IT. She fully agrees to accept the school rules, but forgets all about them when she and three other sixth form girls go drinking one lunchtime in the Kings Arms public house. The three girls are caned - and then, to her horror, it is Amanda's turn for the rod. The deputy headmaster expertly wields the senior cane, and it is not a pleasant experience for Amanda!

My Continuing Benefits from a Sorority Prank by Jack Crawford: When a young lady appears unannounced one evening at the door of the narrator, she thrusts a note into his hand explaining that she was pledging and was required to receive a hard bare-bottom spanking from a stranger. The guy is delighted to oblige, and is even more excited later on when not one but three sorority members show up on his doorstep. He agrees to spank the Pledge Mistress who has been abusive in her duties, but not before making a few sneaky demands of his own... resulting in three hot, sore bare bottoms.