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Taming His Mail Order Bride
three western romance novellas
By: Jocelyn Cross

Published: Jul 26, 2017
Words: 83,914
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance, historical
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Price: $4.99
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This box set, containing over 83,000 words, features the following three mail order bride novellas:

TAMED ON THE TRAIL: After a lengthy correspondence, Annie Applegate is delighted to accept James Underwood's proposal of marriage, and she travels to Independence, Missouri, to meet him. They plan to marry and join the wagon train on the Santa Fe Trail, eventually reaching James's ranch in Wyoming. But on arrival in Independence, Annie discovers that James is deceased! Given her reduced circumstances, she has no money to return home, and is forced to throw herself on the mercy of his brother John.

In the past, the feisty and flirty Annie had no qualms in using her good looks and sweet tongue to get her own way, but she meets her match in handsome cowboy John Underwood. This is the story of their journey, during which Annie learns that there is a price to be paid for her sassy, manipulative behaviour. John makes it clear that when she breaks the rules - which she does with alarming frequency - she goes over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. Under John's understated authority, Annie learns some important life lessons ... she also falls head-over-heels in love with him. But are her feelings reciprocated...?

MARTHA'S TEXAS COWBOY: Following the death of her parents, eighteen year-old Martha, begins to seek out a husband. After corresponding with and receiving a proposal of marriage from a rancher by the name of Mr Kade Quinlan, she makes the journey from Pennsylvania to the little town of Amargo, Texas, and is pleasantly surprised at the sight of her big, handsome, husband to be.

So begins Martha's new life as a rancher's wife. She has much to learn, but Kade helps and encourages her, though he does demand obedience, and doesn't hesitate to spank his wife if she puts herself in danger. Attraction develops into love and life is both good and exciting until the arrival of unscrupulous banker, Silas Marston, who wants Martha for himself...

HIS MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The year is 1870 and, all alone in the world, 18 year-old Elizabeth Semple struggles to survive, but her despondency lifts when she catches sight of a piece of paper pinned to the church notice board. Taking it to her tiny apartment, she writes to the man who has penned the correspondence, and an exchange of letters between Elizabeth and Jeremiah Pickens begins. She learns that after fighting in the civil war he built a homestead in Greybull, Wyoming, his cattle ranch set amongst 140 acres at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. Jeremy is looking for a wife, and. Elizabeth is delighted when he proposes marriage and sends her the money for a train and stage coach trip to Greybull.

Jeremiah is everything Elizabeth imagined him to be, and he thinks she is even more beautiful than her photograph. But life does not go smoothly for Elizabeth at first. Used to being independent, she is somewhat peeved by the rules Jeremy outlines to help keep her safe in the wilderness. Before too long, she breaks the rules, and finds out that Jeremy deals with such infractions by tuning her over his knee and giving her a spanking.

This is an exciting tale of adventure, with grizzly bears and shotguns and a growing love between two people. An incident occurs which threatens their relationship, but a happy ever after ending ensues.