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Tales of Western Romance
a 4-volume box set
By: Leigh Smith

Published: Jul 22, 2017
Words: 154,798
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance
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Price: $7.49
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This box set, containing 155,000 words, features the following four western romance novellas:

THE DOCTOR AND HER RANCHER: After 35-year-old Lauren Bancroft's parents are killed in a helicopter crash, she decides to take up the position of town doctor at a small township in Montana. On arrival she is greeted by the tall, handsome rancher, Trace Connors, chairman of the town council and owner of the Double Pines Ranch. It seems to be love at first sight and, after a little initial uncertainty, both succumb to their mutual attraction and end up in a passionate sexual relationship. But Lauren has a tendency to be a little reckless, and when she puts herself in serious danger, Trace puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom. As their relationship deepens they decide to move in together. A few more spankings follow, some for disciplinary purposes but others for pleasure. Everything is going well until something unforeseen happens that could jeopardise their happiness...

FINDING HOME: Sally has grown up with Cade Collier and there has always been a special bond between them, a bond that has deepened over the years. Cade always seeks out Sally when he returns home to Claremont, and the two of them hook up together and rekindle their romance. But Sally meets Jake Raymond, a tall, good-looking cowboy who is interested in buying one of Sally's horses ... and he's also interested in her. There is an instant chemistry between them, and things begin to change for Sally as she gets to know this new man in her life.. One feisty, attractive woman and two hunky cowboys... which guy will she choose, and why?

A COWBOY'S LOVE: It is the late 1800's, and when Marsh Tucker discovers an overturned stagecoach, he takes the survivors, including the attractive young woman Grace Callahan, to his home at Winding Creek Ranch. Little does he know that Grace will be instrumental in changing his life. Although he finds her physically appealing, his initial opinion of her character isn't very complimentary - he finds her wilful and pampered, clearly spoiled by her wealthy society family. As for Grace, she thinks the handsome cowboy is not only bossy but a bully too, for when her behaviour warrants it he takes her over his knee and spanks her bottom. As the story moves forward, we learn more about Grace, and as she adjusts to ranch life she begins to develop feelings for Marsh. Those feelings are reciprocated, but Annabelle and Marsh are from very different backgrounds ... do they have any hope of a future together?

FINDING LOVE AT THE TRAIL'S END: Following the death of her mother, life takes a turn for the worse for Lily Rose. When her father succumbs to alcoholism, Lily is forced to run the family's mercantile business on her own. However, when handsome wagon train scout Johnny Billings takes a fancy to her, she seizes the opportunity to get away, and although he forbids her to accompany him on the Oregon Trail she finds a way to finagle her passage. During the long and often arduous journey, Johnny and Lily Rose fall in love. They marry and spend their wedding night beneath the stars under the cover of tall cottonwoods. Lily Rose, however, is frequently sharp-tongued and not adverse to throwing the occasional temper tantrum when things aren't going her way. But Johnny knows just how to deal with her... he takes her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking, an activity which usually leads to great sex. Eventually, the newly married couple settle at a ranch in Fort Laramie ... but disaster strikes. Can Lily Rose still find love at the end of the trail?