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Disciplined by His Husband
an M/M spanking romance
By: David O. Sullivan

Published: Jul 25, 2017
Words: 37,164
Orientation: M/M
Category: gay romance
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Price: $3.49
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It's just a regular workday at the caf for Landon until the arrival of a big, handsome black guy. Landon rushes to take his order, thinking he's the sexiest man he's ever seen. After the meal, the black guy introduces himself as Roarke, and compliments Landon on the service. There is an immediate spark between the two men, and that spark is kindled further when both admit to being gay. So begins a relationship which moves along rapidly. Both Landon and Roarke are fully committed to each other, and Landon is delighted when he finds out Roarke owns his own restaurant. Before long Landon is living and working with Roarke, and enjoying great sex.

But not everything goes smoothly; when Landon gets drunk at a party and is groped by another guy, Roarke is furious. He turns Landon over his knee and spanks him. Landon has a hissy fit and announces the end of the relationship... but after he calms down, he returns to Roarke, who welcomes him with open arms. It is a turning point in their relationship, because Landon agrees he needs Roarke's discipline, and though he takes no pleasure in taking punishment spankings, he finds the fun sort are a huge turn on. The bond between them strengthens; they get married and plan an exciting future remodelling Roarke's restaurant. However, their happiness takes a few hard knocks when disaster strikes. Is their love strong enough to see them through the bad times as well as the good...?