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The Dominant Woman
a 3 volume box set
By: Anthony Payne

Published: Jun 30, 2017
Words: 74,948
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $4.99
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This 3 volume box set containing 75,000 words, features the following 3 femdom novellas:

It's 1995 and Daniel Jessup, a 20-year-old college dropout, is living in upstate Pennsylvania. Six months short of a degree in Architecture, he is employed as a grunt with a construction company, where he quickly becomes friends with the foreman, Jim Greene. He soon finds himself a regular visitor to Jim's home, and it's here during dinner that he first meets Marie, the younger sister of Jim's wife. He is immediately infatuated with her and takes every opportunity he can to spend time in her company. One day, having flirted with Daniel for some time, she leads him down to the Greene's basement. It seems, however, that it's not just sex that Marie has in mind when she takes Daniel over her knee and delivers a very sound spanking with her hairbrush.

The two begin dating and Daniel finds himself subject to Marie's discipline on a regular basis, although some of the spankings she gives him are purely erotic. Later, as the relationship progresses, Daniel moves in with Marie and is subject to regular maintenance spankings every Sunday evening. As the years go by, it looks like Daniel might be happy to spend the rest of his life under Marie's hand...

Samuel Bishop is a man who is good with a gun. When he receives a lucrative offer to become the Marshal in a small town, he mounts up and rides towards what he hopes will be a nice quiet posting in Black Creek. However, Samuel quickly finds out that Black Creek is not a typical frontier town. He may be wearing the tin star but wealthy ranch owner, Hughanna Spencer, has the final say on law and order.

The new Marshal quickly discovers the hard way that his new boss lady has no problem handing out her own brand of justice... delivered with a hairbrush, strap or cane. What's more, she plans on making sure that every woman in town becomes familiar with her method of dealing with a naughty male backside and will follow her example. Soon, many of the town's menfolk find themselves being strapped, caned and paddled by their newly empowered wives.

Later, a strong attraction begins to develop between Samuel and Hughanna, and he is faced with an important decision: is he prepared to accept her control and discipline or is it time to move on again...

Jennifer unburdens herself to her friend Megan, telling her about her marital problems with her husband, Paul. Paul is out of control: he has become inconsiderate and disrespectful, he drinks too much and spends money irresponsibly, and stays out late night after night. Megan dutifully listens, and says she can help, but first Jennifer is to accompany her home... where much to Jennifer's surprise, she witnesses Megan spanking her husband Steve for misusing their credit card.

The idea of disciplining her husband is new to Jennifer, but she can see how successful Megan and Steve's marriage is - and it's all down to Megan being head of the household and spanking her misbehaving husband's bottom. So, following Megan's recommendation, Jennifer signs up for her and Paul to visit the House of Correction, hosted by the formidable Morgan, a lady who has trained her husband David with cane, paddle and hairbrush. It proves to be a memorable weekend. Several other couples attend, and Jennifer soon gets to grips with her tuition, learning how to verbally chastise and physically discipline her husband, Paul ... who returns home with a very sore bottom and a much improved attitude now that he knows his wife is in charge.