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Spanking Classics - Volume One
By: Leland Mays

Published: Jun 26, 2017
Words: 24,811
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This compilation of classic adult spanking stories includes the following:

Walking Naked Down Main Street: Having lost a bet with her friend while playing golf, Jill, after a great deal of hesitation, decides to honour her forfeit and walks naked down the street! Her husband, Ryan, decides to deal with her lewd behaviour by taking her over his knee for a spanking, an activity that leaves both husband and wife intensely aroused and ready for sex. Some days later, while walking together in the park, Jill once again sheds her clothing...

Every Schoolgirl Needs Discipline: Brilliant and highly successful, Pamela Carr, has another, very different side to her: a woman driven to rebel against her good-girl persona, who loves to imagine herself as a sex-obsessed schoolgirl, entirely lacking in morals, and who delights in suffering the pain and humiliation of a well-deserved spanking. She is able to act out her age play fantasy by dressing as a schoolgirl and visiting her former headmaster, who spanks her bare bottom. But then her husband discovers her secret...

My Amazing Wife: Arriving home, David finds his lovely wife Jenny standing in the corner, awaiting punishment. She confesses to being responsible for an accident earlier in the day for which he spanks her. It turns out, however, that she also caused a number of other incidents, and needs to be spanked for these as well. The spankings administered, it looks like supper will have to wait as the couple head for the bedroom instead!

The Women in My Life: A very wealthy man laments how the women in his life - his wife, his secretary, his daughter, and his maids - vex him to no end. The solution, of course, is to take each lovely lady over his lap for a very sound spanking. But is everything quite as it seems?

Spankoholics Anonymous: Cal attends his first ever Spankoholics Anonymous meeting and opens his heart to the group, telling them all about his 'problem'. It isn't long, though, before he realises that far from helping him, the others are just enjoying listening to his tales of spanking!

Winston & Eloise: A Spanking Story: Quiet, mild-mannered Winston and his next door neighbour, Eloise, share a love of books. One day when browsing in her library, he makes a startling discovery - several of her books are in fact spanking stories hidden within fake dust covers! Over the next few days he becomes fixated with the idea of spanking and, finally, acting on what he has read, takes Eloise over his knee and tans her bottom. At first she threatens to call the police but then...

Showdown at Smooth Buttes: Western Fiction Writer of the Year, Percy Martins, is struggling to come up with a suitable plot for his latest novel, but suddenly finds great inspiration after spanking his new Costa Rican day maid, Elena. A year later, despite a cynical reception from his publisher, the book is a huge success and Elena is no longer his maid...

Male Sexual Fantasies: As Dex, a lonely young man, prepares for his solitary bed, he suddenly becomes aware of a female presence in his room: a woman who is able to transform herself into a number of other significant people in his life including his mother, childhood girlfriend and the algebra teacher he has long fantasised about spanking.