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Spanked! - Volume 3
a spanking fiction anthology
By: LSF Publications

Published: Jun 23, 2017
Words: 75,108
ASIN: B07349SB8K
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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With 75,000 words and featuring 18 different authors, this anthology of spanking fiction features the following stories:

Aunt Elizabeth's Parlor by Art Zeeton: In this period piece, Aggie and her Aunt Elizabeth are doing needlepoint when the talk turns to being single and the needs of the flesh. Aggie is surprised by Elizabeth's revelation that her needs are not those of most women, and she is shocked when her aunt arranges for one of her servants to bare her bottom prior to administering a riding crop and then later, six strokes of the cane. Aggie is intrigued and decides to observe, but is that enough for the young woman?

Cruise Control by India Heath: Ashley adores her husband Lee but she wanted to spend her honeymoon at Disney World rather than on board a cruise ship. Lee in turn loves his 'brat' but he also knows just how to tame her when she gets out of control.

The Oldest Profession by Rue Chapman: Tony, a cop who works in Vice, is part of a team trying to break a prostitution ring. When he arrests Claire, believing her to be a hooker, he discovers that her profession is not at all what he'd imagined, but when she fails to heed his advice, he decides that a spanking is in order and a passionate encounter follows.

Do You Make Exceptions, Sir? by Colin Daniels: The beautiful 18-year-old Natalia is head girl of the school and the darling of all the teachers. So why is she reporting herself for smoking and almost begging to be caned? Might there be a hidden agenda? Either way, it looks like she's going to be on the receiving end of the Principal's rod.

The Portrait by Jon Thorn: Spoilt little rich girl, Lady Lucinda Westfield, commissions an artist to paint her portrait, no expense spared. But he has an agenda of his own, and his terms are not monetary. Consequently, Lady Lucinda finds herself agreeing to being spanked and slippered and caned for each of the three sittings.

The Hemswell Programme by DJ Black: Following the death of her uncle, Laura assumes responsibility for her badly behaved 20-something cousins, Emma and Lucy, who will inherit their father's estate when they are 30 years old. She engages the services of Charles Hemswell, a strict ex-headmaster, who soon takes charge of the much needed discipline of the girls. Little does Laura know but she is not immune to his rules and regulations herself.

Haunted and Spanked by Karl Quentin: With her aunt close to death, twenty-two-year-old Denise goes to visit and spend what little time she has left with her. In the old lonely house set deep in the woods she awakes to find two ghostly male figures looking down at her. The master tells his servant to spank her, and after they disappear, Denise is left sore and frightened. It seems that she may be destined to suffer such spankings indefinitely unless she can break the curse that follows the female line in her family.

Josie's Big Time Screw Up by A.V. Powderham: Josie secures a job with a Japanese finance house and a month working in Japan. All seems to be going well until an error of judgement loses the company a significant sum of money. Fearing dismissal, she is instead summoned to the 14th floor where she is spanked by a handsome man. She has to submit to this punishment every day of her final week, finding it not so unbearable as she thought she would. The last day brings a shock discovery though.

The Commander's Correction by Lucy Appleby: About to embark on a long-range space mission, things go badly for Mia on her very first day. They get even worse when she discovers first hand that the commander of her ship has a policy of bare bottom, corporal correction for his crew.

Disciplinary Confections by Steve Rayer: Seemingly less gifted than her twin sister, Rosie does charity work by cleaning Mr Havergal's apartment every week. During the rest of the time she works at a bakers making delicious cakes. One day she knocks over and breaks a valuable vase and goes home without admitting it. The next day, however, Mr Havergal confronts Rosie and subjects her bare bottom to its first ever spanking with a hairbrush.

The Rivals by Richard Barrington: Personal assistant Anna made her choice when Templeton and Mclean split, at least Paul Templeton didn't have an obsession with her backside! Until, that is, he asks her to let him cane her in order to make his former partner, who lives in the luxury penthouse above him, jealous. It seems to work and the caning has other, much more interesting effects on them both.

Twin Tanning by Jack Crawford: Dressed extremely provocatively and showing off their assets, identical twins, Kay and Cee, hustle a group of men playing pool for close to $1,000. Back home, their celebrations are cut short, however, when they find Kay's husband is waiting for them. He is not impressed with their behaviour, and gives each of them a hand spanking followed by three strokes with a whippy cane.

What Had to Be Done by Sennett Lefevre: Hanna, a bright law school student, has been caught cheating on her midterm exam. To save her from a hearing before the Honor Council and certain expulsion, Professor Harke makes arrangements with the Dean to handle it himself. Later, bent over his desk, Hanna receives ten strokes of the paddle.

The 30 Year Follow Up by Dave Caldewell: Thirty years have elapsed since the teenage Anne overheard the doctor recommending a spanking to her mother. Nothing happened then, nor in the intervening years and yet still, at the age of 44 Anne feels she deserves punishment. Seventy-year-old Dr Morgan obliges, and spanks her bare bottom with a hairbrush before arranging a follow up appointment.

Our Life by Mykala Williams: Following a girl's night out, a man's wife comes home much later than expected, having driven home drunk. The following evening, as part of their domestic discipline relationship, he subjects her to a particularly harsh punishment with his belt.

One of the Good Signs by David James: The Reverend Walker and his parishioner friend Bill have a lot in common, including a mutual interest in seeing Bill's 18-year-old daughter and her friend, Celia, punished, which is usually administered in the form of a swishy rattan cane across their bare bottoms.

Meeting Diane by Gordon Maxon: Having got to know each other on-line for a while, it is finally time for them to meet at her hotel. The two hit it off and Diane gets a good girl spanking. But when she reminds him how she'd previously let him down by cancelling a number of their prior dates, he is happy to oblige with a punishment spanking as well.

A Female Gunfighter's Fantasy by PJ Manners: Lizzy is the queen of gunplay in the late 19th century West, but a marshal proves her match, taming her not with a gun, but corner time and a session over his knee. She's not entirely upset, though, as the experience fulfils a long-held fantasy.