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A Fresh Start in Kirkham
a nineteenth century western romance
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Jul 06, 2017
Words: 40,425
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance, historical
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Price: $3.79
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Following her husband's death, Cecelia runs away from her unpleasant and controlling in-laws. Taking her young daughter, Alice, they arrive at the small but growing town of Kirkham, where Cecelia gains employment as a nurse, working for the town's only doctor, Dr Davies. Shortly after her arrival, Cecelia is befriended by Samuel Hoctor, a widower with a daughter, Julia, who is the same age as Alice. Though Sam doesn't have the dashing good looks of Cecelia's late husband, he is tall and broad shouldered with a kindly face and a pleasant manner. After a few hours in his company, Cecelia begins to realise he would make a good husband for her, and father to Alice. To her delight, Sam is of the same opinion. As their romance blossoms, Cecelia begins to learn more about Kirkham ... the men of the town practice domestic discipline, and it isn't long before Cecelia finds she has earned a well-deserved spanking for her disobedience, first by the Mayor, and secondly by Sam. Contrite, she takes her punishment and resolves to do better.

But there are strange goings on in Kirkham; a masked stranger wielding a knife is targeting women, Cecelia in particular. Gradually, the mystery begins to unravel, and when it does, Cecelia's chance of a happy marriage hangs in the balance...

This story is set in the town of Kirkham, USA, at the latter end of the nineteenth century. Kirkham was the setting for two earlier books: Elizabeth's Flight, and The Schoolmarm and the Preacher. All three books may be read as standalone novellas.