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Over Her Daddy's Knee - Book 1
a collection of father spanks daughter stories
By: Katie Bradford

Published: Jun 17, 2017
Words: 24,203
ASIN: B072228NVM
Orientation: M/Ff
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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Life can be difficult for teenage girls, especially when you have a very strict daddy, only too happy to spank for the slightest misdemeanour! This collection of daddy spanks daughter stories features the following tales:

Daddy's Little Black Book: Every Sunday night, Mr Stern goes through his little black book which details any bad behaviour or rule breaking carried out by his daughters or wife during the week. They are then spanked, bare-bottomed, in front of each other. The behaviour of his youngest daughter, Sophie, has been particularly bad this week, and she is secured to a spanking horse in preparation for a protracted punishment with a variety of different implements.

Spanked in the Car: When her parents take the family away on a weekend trip, Lily is unable to go to her best friend's party, and is consequently in a foul mood. Eventually, her father decides he has had enough, and she finds herself over his knee on the back seat of their car for a long overdue bare-bottomed paddling.

Party and Consequences: Katie's father refuses permission for her to go to a party, so she sneaks out of her bedroom window once he is asleep. Unfortunately for her, when she sneaks back in during the early hours of the morning, she finds her dad sitting in her bedroom waiting for her...

Jodie's Correction: Jodie gets into trouble for laughing with a friend in church. After a couple of warnings, her dad takes her to the specially made 'Correction Room' and spanks her. If she thought the walk to the room was embarrassing, the walk back is doubly so, knowing that everyone knew where she had been and why.

Date Interrupted: Katie was at the cinema with her boyfriend, when her dad suddenly appeared. As she has been forbidden from seeing him, her father is furious, and back home she is made to bend over for a painful caning. She is then sent to bed and later spanked a second time.

Melissa's Mistake: Melissa gets into big trouble for being late home, not phoning and not wearing a helmet on her boyfriend Bryce's motorbike. After an embarrassing few spanks in front of Bryce, she is sent to her room to wait for the rest of her spanking.

The Tell-Tale Red Bottom: Seventeen-year-old Lori is in trouble when her father spots the tell-tale signs that her boyfriend has been spanking her. Determined to prove his point, he paddles her bottom and threatens to do the same to her boyfriend.

Spanked in a Bikini: Tanya learns to regret wearing a skimpy bikini when her father spanks her in front of her friend.