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Twelve Shades of Pink: Book Two
a collection of spanking stories
By: Angela Stone

Published: Jun 09, 2017 (2nd ed)
Words: 25,793
Orientation: M/F (mainly)
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Enjoy twelve further shades of pink, twelve tales of spanking, in this varied collection which features the following short stories:

Kay's Discovery: Kay has been fascinated by spanking since her teens, but the almost obsessive interest fades as she gets older - until, years later she finds some spanking sites on her husband's computer. After the initial shock of discovering his spanking kink, she decides to explore for herself. She sets up a scenario for him as a surprise and leaves a trail of clues, in note form, for him to follow. Filled with trepidation, she hears Shaun arrive home while she waits upstairs in the spare room, dressed as a school girl, her bottom bared.

The Meet: Fiery Fiona driving home from riding, crashes her car into Mark's Volvo. A combination of tight fitting jodhpurs and Fiona's poor attitude earns her a sound spanking.

Moving On: Sadly, she is having to leave the home which they had both loved. Recalling how happy she and Nate had been here, Hannah's feet follow the familiar path to 'her' corner, a crucial part of their punishment routine when she showed she deserved it. An insecure youngster, the strength of her relationship with her wonderful man had made her the confident woman she now was. Nate would be a part of her always.

Eddie's Christmas Tale: Eddie's one wish was that his wife shared his love of spanking. This year, it seems his Christmas present is to come early!

Birthday Surprise: Mark is not really convinced when Fiona encourages him into a bubble bath so that she can discover what he plans for her birthday. The evening does not unfold as she expected, and it is not until she is over his knee that the misunderstanding becomes clear!

Neighbourly Relations: Increasingly disturbed at night by noises from next door, Bea is convinced that their neighbour is abusing his wife. Proved entirely wrong, she is astounded when Max arrives home bearing an invitation to dinner - in the interests of neighbourly relations! A number of things change...

Punish Me: Belinda has gravely displeased her husband, James, and sits bare-bottomed at the kitchen table while she writes a letter of apology which also specifies how best he should punish her. The gravity of her sin becomes clearer as the retribution is detailed, but she so trustingly looks forward to his forgiveness.

Trust & Tickets: Fiona's bad temper and lack of trust upsets her husband. This results in corner time and a spanking for Fiona. But does she learn her lesson?

James Junior: James aged 5 is playing in his mum and dad's bedroom under their bed, when they come in unexpectedly. What follows is a big surprise to little James, but at least he learns three new words!

Horse Therapy: In this initially angry exchange of letters with his mother, Ben can only complain about the demanding regime in the stables. After the inevitable trouble in which he finds himself, he seeks solace and totally falls for the lovely stallion, Sam. The tenor of his letters home changes...

Jane's Bottom: A College Co-ed gets involved in an advanced experiment using cutting edge technology that results in her getting spanked ... without being spanked! Read on to find out how!

Missing: Jimmy goes missing but is found a few days later. It seems he is suffering from amnesia and nothing Nicola does helps. Eventually frustration takes over but will it kill or cure their marriage?