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The Spanking Erotica Collection - Volume 2
By: Frank Martinet

Published: Jun 04, 2017
Words: 74,743
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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If you're looking for erotic spanking fiction that will quicken your pulse and stimulate both mind and body then this is the collection for you. Featuring 18 spanking stories and around 75,000 words this anthology was previously published as 3 individual ebooks: Judicial Spanking Tales; Touching Her Toes; and The Ultimate in Corporal Punishment.

The following and a further 13 other stories are included:

The Request: When 19-year-old Cecilia turns up unannounced at the home of a retired Headmaster and asks to be punished by him, he obliges her with a prolonged caning followed by fifteen strokes of the tawse.

Discipline Day: When pop superstar Eva is caught driving drunk on her way home from a party, she opts for a judicial whipping consisting of 50 strokes of the cane rather than a 2 year prison sentence. The punishment is humiliating and extremely painful but at least it's quickly over... or is it, as the next few days she wakes to find that it's all about to happen again and again...

The Landlord: When Cynthia invites her childhood friend, Amber, and her own friend, Brook, to stay at her place while she's away, the two college girls are only too happy to accept, and look forward to some skiing. However, they soon incur the wrath of Cynthia's stern landlord, who first spanks and paddles the pair before giving them a taste of his leather belt and a sound switching, too.

Confusion: When the gorgeous, sexy Peyton Lang presents herself for punishment, the college Principal can't help but find her attractive. During her caning he becomes very aroused and although he initially regrets what happens next, all is not quite what it seems...

Testing the Waters: In order to overcome initial reluctance at enrolling her daughters at a strict private school, a mother insists she be subjected to corporal punishment herself, and is then slippered, paddled and caned by the Principal.