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The Firm Hand of the Law
a domestic discipline romance
By: David O. Sullivan

Published: Jun 04, 2017
Words: 34,074
Orientation: M/F
Category: romance, domestic discipline
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Price: $3.49
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The year is 1986, and rookie officer Joseph Warden attends his first team briefing with the San Jose Police Department. Although fresh out of training, he quickly earns the respect of his colleagues and builds a reputation for himself as an honest, reliable police officer. Several weeks later, he helps a pretty young woman who has run out of gas and drives her home in his police car, returning to her home the next day to collect his jacket. Miriam Thomas, known as Micki, is very keen on getting to know the handsome young police officer better... and Joe is equally attracted to her. He feels at ease with her parents too, who make him welcome.

Joe is surprised to discover that Micki, at twenty-one, is still spanked by her father. However, as Joe and Micki begin a relationship, it isn't too long before Joe is taking over as Micki's disciplinarian, giving her a well-deserved spanking for speeding and neglecting her studies, amongst other things. Life goes on, and Joe appreciates being part of a caring and supportive family. He and Micki become closer, both signing up to a domestic discipline marriage, and both enjoying the fun spankings too. Life is good, though things don't always run smoothly for either of them, and there are problems to be faced ... together.