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Schoolgirl Spanking Stories - Vol. 1
By: Mike London

Published: May 31, 2017
Words: 24,603
ASIN: B071LTN415
Orientation: F/f (mainly)
Category: school
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Price: $2.99
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This book contains the following fictional stories depicting the corporal punishment of schoolgirls:

Prefects' Choice: It's the day before the start of a new school year at Waterfield School for Girls, and twelve of the senior girls newly appointed as prefects have been asked to report to the headmistress. As they will be able to send other girls for punishment they must first be fully acquainted with what it feels like. Accordingly, each of the twelve senior girls is requested to bend over the headmistress's desk in order to feel the effects of the junior and senior cane as well as a large rubber-soled plimsoll.

Stephanie's Choice: Caught smoking behind the cycle sheds, fifth formers Diane and Stephanie are sent to Miss Powell's office to be punished. Diane receives four strokes of the cane on her hands but Stephanie, who is competing in the javelin at school sports the following day, pleads for an alternative punishment and is subjected to a bare-bottomed caning instead.

Decisions: High school juniors, Danielle and Amanda, have been caught skipping school and smoking in the local park. Sent to the vice-principal, they are given a choice of detentions or three strokes of the paddle. Danielle opts for the paddle, but 17-year-old Amanda decides to go for detentions. Later, however, during her first detention, she changes her mind and asks to be paddled instead.

A Trio of Truants!: When three fifth year girls get caught playing truant they are sent out of assembly to wait for Miss Taylor, the Deputy Headmistress. After a brief lecture explaining the gravity of their offence, all three girls are given four strokes of the cane.

Sore Bottoms for Two: With the end of year examinations approaching, Gary decides to bunk off school for the day and heads over to meet up with girlfriend, Vivien, at the nearby girls' grammar school. At break time they are caught kissing and cuddling by Mrs Rodgers, the history teacher. Both are brought before the headmistress and made to bend over for twelve very painful strokes with her supple two-tailed leather strap.