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Teenage Spanking Stories Anthology
By: Ryan Rowland

Published: May 28, 2017
Words: 63,407
Orientation: M/f (mainly)
Category: teen
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Price: $4.99
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Previously published as three separate volumes and containing over 63,000 words, this collection of 12 teenage spanking stories, features the following:

The Babysitter: Arriving home unexpectedly early, Dan is appalled to find Heather, the babysitter, naked in his marital bed. It takes a lot of begging and agreeing to a severe punishment for Heather to avoid her father being informed. Dan does not hold back, and he disciplines the girl just as he would his own daughter.

The Inoculation: When Mark finds out that his neighbour Susan is to be unjustly paddled by the principal at school on Monday, he finds a way to help her come to terms with it over the weekend by giving her a few practice spankings. Once the actual paddling is over though, both want to carry on with the odd booster!

The Girl Next Door: Wendy arrives into Chris's world when she and her strict parents move state because of her dad's job. It doesn't take long before the two teenagers date each other under the watchful eyes of Wendy's parents. However, one incident changes everything. Wendy's shame at being paddled by her father results in her hiding from Chris. But Chris is eager to continue the relationship. He knows what he wants and sets out to get her.

A Fresh Start: Following the death of Matt's adoptive parents and his cousin's mother in a car crash, Tracy takes her hurt out on him by insulting and belittling him whenever she can. However, when Matt catches Tracy in a compromising position with her boyfriend in the barn, the tables are turned - will he take full advantage of the situation?

Jumping to Conclusions: Kevin has always liked his sister's friend Sarah. He manages to join in at her birthday spanking but then puts his foot in it. In order to make amends he buys her a gift and asks her out the next day. As she is several years younger than him they go to ask her parents' permission but they jump to the wrong conclusion! This leads to Kevin getting punched by her father and Sarah being held down and whipped with a belt. Mortified when they realise their mistake, Sarah's parents agree to let them see each other. Once alone the pair make their own rules...

Occasional Maintenance Required: Jennifer is about to be married, and her father Paul reminisces about how he disciplined her while growing up.

Cabin Number Seven: Widower Brad has a potentially disastrous encounter while on vacation with his daughter in a mountain resort.

The Lesson: Karen Wood knows that taking over from a strict male principal will not be easy. She soon gets a reputation for being firm but fair though. When senior student, Ryan, is caught red-handed she believes she is being fair in caning him and even shows him how a caning should be taken. Ryan, however, still maintains his innocence, is he telling the truth?

Painful Secrets and Honorable Lies: Tim, his girlfriend Robyn, Jamie and Rachel (who is in love with Tim) are four teenagers who are reluctantly going on a lakeside holiday with their parents. One of the parents discovers that three of them were drinking whisky and smoking pot in an unused cabin, but only Rachel is caught. She is punished but also told that she will be further punished if she doesn't reveal the names of the other miscreants. Jamie (who wasn't involved) volunteers to take part of the punishment. The guilty ones are never identified but it marks the beginning of a lasting relationship between Jamie and Rachel.

Heads or Tails: David loves magic tricks and decides to show his friend, Becky, the rope trick he had learned the night before at a Magician's show. She's surprised when hes able to escape after she ties him up, but finds it impossible to untie herself when it's her turn. David decides she should be punished while he has her at his mercy.

Taking Responsibility: Being curious about elderly neighbour, Mr Parker, and clumsy with his belongings leaves twins, Meg and Michael, in big trouble. When their father refuses to punish them as Mr Parker requests, the twins take matters into their own hands, causing several differing reactions.

Spankin' Cousins: Cousins Ashley and David find themselves in trouble for fighting. They are forced to endure a humiliating and painful punishment but it has an amazing effect on their relationship. Following the spankings, the two of them are concerned about their new feelings for each other but can they overcome the issues?