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Tales of the Rod - Book Two
a compilation of adult caning stories
By: James Simpson

Published: Aug 12, 2017
Words: 23,394
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This compilation of erotic adult caning stories includes the following:

The New School Governors: Mary and John were elected to the governors' board of Midchester Grammar just prior to an important vote regarding the corporal punishment policy. The outcome is expected to be close, so the headmaster and his wife invite them to dinner to get their views. During the discussion, both women admit they have never been caned and, slightly tipsy, they allow the men to cane them. Following the caning, both women find themselves highly aroused, so much so that they decide to make it a regular part of their lives.

A Visit to the Headmaster: Jenny is on her way to the headmaster for a caning when she meets another girl, who tells her how terrible it is. Jenny is now terrified, but survives the ordeal. Back in her room, though, her room mate is ready to take the pain away...

A Caning for Susan: After an aborted attempt at caning his wife, substituted for a slippering, David still has fantasies of sending her to a disciplinarian to be caned. Unknown to him, however, Susan is coming round to the idea and, as a birthday treat for David, arranges for Lord Fawchester, her friend's brother-in-law, to give her a proper caning. When the day arrives, the surprise is sprung, and David is shocked to discover his wife draped over a flogging horse, sobbing. Back in their hotel room, though, they have the best sex ever!

A Very Naughty Mummy: Claire is visiting her daughter's headmaster to discuss a caning the girl had received for being late. The discussion, however, takes an unexpected turn.

An End to the Drought: After he retires, Caroline's husband pays her little attention, and their love life is non-existent. One summer when a hose pipe ban was imposed due to a local water shortage, she is caught using a hose on her garden by Peter, an official from the water board. Rather than pay the fine she gets him to give her six of the best instead, which results in them both becoming very aroused and heading for the bedroom. When she later discovers her husband has been cheating on her, the possibility of a new life with Peter beckons.

An Evening Punishment: A fantasy of a cold caning at bedtime is fulfilled, followed by explosive sex!