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Disciplined by Her Daddy - Book One
a collection of father spanks daughter stories
By: Louis Woodley

Published: May 09, 2017
Words: 24,548
Orientation: M/f
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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This collection of daddy spanks daughter stories includes the following:

Caught Sneaking in Past Curfew: When 17-year-old Lisa arrives home way past curfew, her plans to sneak in unnoticed are foiled when she finds her father is there waiting for her. Ordered to the study, she is sentenced to seven strokes of his belt on her bare bottom.

Throwing an Elbow in Sunday School: When 14-year-old Rebecca gets in trouble at Sunday School by defending herself from harassment, her father is determined to give her a severe punishment. Her mother puts her foot down, though, although that doesn't get Rebecca off the hook completely.

Confession Might Be Good for Your Soul but It's Bad for Your Butt: When Elizabeth arrives home, having picked up a ticket for speeding, she knows that she has to confess. When her father gets in, she is sent to the study and her brother is instructed to fetch the paddle.

The Cure for Senioritis: As a senior in high school, Whitney believes that she doesn't need to make an effort any more, but a spanking from her daddy says otherwise.

Happy Spanksgiving: Mike and Sarah and their four daughters are all together for Thanksgiving, but the girls have been arguing with one another all morning, leaving their mother in tears. So it's paddling time for all four, with the eldest daughter, Hanna, going first.

Hold up Your Nightgown: When Heather is caught talking and passing notes in class she is awarded a detention and no longer able to go on the school trip her parents had already paid for. Her father decides a bare-bottomed paddling is in order.

Banished to the Basement for a Beating: Having been rude to her mother at dinner, Haley is ordered to the basement by her father to await punishment. She is given a chance to explain her behaviour but then it's time to bend for the belt...