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Uncle Andrew's Spanked Girls
disciplined by their landlord
By: Rose St. Andrews

Published: May 06, 2017
Words: 31,750
ASIN: B071417B1Z
Orientation: M/F
Category: teen
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Price: $3.29
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Andrew Phillips is a widower and former teacher, and now that his daughters have grown up and left, he decides to live in the guest cottage and rent out the family home to three eighteen-year-old students: Halle, Tori and Yuke. He outlines a few house rules, but before too long, standards begin to slip, with the girls failing to keep the house tidy, having visitors at unsocial hours, and making far too much noise. The final straw comes when Andrew discovers Halle has spent the rent money. Following a little discussion about breaking the terms of the lease, Andrew begins to dish out some well-deserved spankings.

The girls readily admit they need discipline in their lives to help keep them on track with their studies and general behaviour... and who better to administer it than Andrew. He proves himself to be a caring father figure who wants the best for them, and as their liking and respect for him grows, they begin calling him 'Uncle'. He is more than their disciplinarian, he is their friend and mentor too, and under his guidance, they flourish.