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More Bare Bottom Discipline
three erotic spanking fiction novellas
By: David McKnight

Published: Apr 17, 2017
Words: 101,863
Orientation: M/F
Category: general, domestic discipline
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Price: $6.99
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This 3 volume box set features the previously published spanking fiction novellas: Sonia's Domestic Discipline Regime; Spanking My Roommate's Sister; and Spankings in Belize. Containing over 100,000 words, this is a great collection for those who enjoy tales of bare bottom discipline.

Sonia's Domestic Discipline Regime: David, a wealthy man living on a Texas ranch, carefully selects a beautiful Mexican girl for whom he provides handsomely. In return for a generous salary for household duties and helping out in his office, Sonia is to share his bed, be obedient at all times, and submit to his discipline. Although Sonia is a quick learner, once settled in to her new life her domestic duties begin to slip and she is punished. Sometimes she requests punishment herself when she knows she has done something she shouldn't have. She is delighted when David regularly lavishes money on her for new clothes, make-up and jewellery, and as she gets used to the discipline - sometimes severe - she proves to be stoical and accepting of the other women that David spanks. This extends to David allowing his friends to spank Sonia too. He builds a punishment room in which he disciplines his staff, and the next big event is a spanking party. Realizing he wants to make their relationship more permanent, David arranges for Sonia to study and major in accounting. Lapses in study are dealt with in the usual manner ... and an engagement ring follows...

Spanking My Roommate's Sister: Jim and Brian are buddies who shared accommodation when they attended the University of Texas. Later on they buy a house together. Jim is aware of Brian's upbringing and high moral standards and this is reinforced when Brian's younger sister Ruth moves in with them. Brian isn't convinced she is mature enough to live in a dorm when she studies at UT, and he wants to keep a brotherly eye on her. It isn't long before Jim witnesses Brian spanking Ruth. Jim finds this a huge turn on and later spanks his girlfriend Vicky following an argument between her and Ruth which results in Brian giving Ruth a severe paddling. Jim becomes more and more attracted to Ruth and is delighted to be involved in Ruth's twentieth birthday celebrations, especially the private, family only, birthday spanking!

When money goes missing from Jim's wallet, Ruth is the culprit, and Brian is forced to deal with her again. When Vicky gets a job in another state, Jim starts a new relationship with Ruth and they begin dating. It seems that fun play spankings are very much on the agenda - but things change when Ruth gets herself into trouble with the police. Brian is away, so the task of administering a punishment padding falls to Jim. Ruth fully accepts his discipline as a vital part of their relationship. As for Jim - he is more than happy to take over the role of disciplinarian from Brian...

Spankings in Belize: Comfortably off at an early age, David semi-retires to former British colony Belize and the prospect of a pleasant, undemanding life. Always a secret fan of spanking he is fascinated to witness the punishment of a friend's daughter. This is not in the least unusual because here in Belize corporal punishment is common and spankings are the norm. It does not take David long to gain experience in spanking, helped by a young woman who provides such a service. Totally nude, she establishes what he needs to know and encourages him to experiment. Before long, David considers himself the luckiest man in Belize when he manages to get three women to join his household (in which he has a fully equipped 'playroom') and he has no hesitation in delivering both punishments and aftercare when they are needed.