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The Corporal Punishment of High School Girls
a 3 volume box set
By: Paul Jackson

Published: Aug 03, 2017
Words: 92,928
Orientation: M/F
Category: school
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Price: $5.99
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This 3 volume box set containing over 92,000 words, features the following:

An Extraordinary Paddling: Aloof, imperturbable and self-assured, 18-year-old high school student Mia acts as if her position and privileged upbringing place her above school rules, but when she pushes Vice Principal Brooks too far she is in for a rude awakening. Having been caught skipping lessons and then failing to attend the subsequent detention, she is summoned to the VP's office for a paddling. However, she is less than cooperative and wears extra layers of clothing to minimise her punishment, resulting in it being twice postponed. At the third attempt, however, her tight denim jeans are taken down and her exposed derriere pays the price for her insubordination when she is subjected to an extraordinary paddling.

My Dilemma: With her stunning looks, twelfth-grade redhead, Chandra Martin, regularly runs rings round her maths teacher, Mr Jackson, taking advantage of his obvious reluctance to paddle the female students in his class. But when Chandra turns up late yet again, hasn't done her homework and makes rude gestures behind his back, he finally decides to take action, and she is ordered to retrieve the paddle...

Shorts Two: Garfield High's air conditioning is faulty, adding to the irritability of students and teachers alike during a spell of hot weather. When twelfth-grader Kirsty is sent to the office for being inattentive during class, Mr Law orders her to return after school for a spanking. Several of the other girls tell Kirsty, who is new to the school, that she is expected to wear 'paddle-pants' for her punishment, and one even loans her a pair...

Slam Dunk: 18-year-old Arlington schoolgirls, Candi Rousell and Kathy Wilson, are bitter rivals who have a lot in common: both are extremely attractive, both are captain of their school's basketball team and both are fiercely competitive. When their respective teams meet in the championship play-offs tempers flare and both girls get sent to the sin bin, then after persistent provocation Candi slaps Kathy across the face and is sent off. Later, back at school, as a punishment for being sin-binned 4 times in a year, Candi is paddled by the basketball team coach, Bobby Webb. The following day, she is summoned to the Principal's office and is subjected to a further paddling for being sent off, this time on her bare bottom. Meanwhile, things don't all go according to her plan for her rival, Kathy, when she is found guilty of 'mooning' and in keeping with her crime, she is also made to touch her toes for a bare bottomed paddling.

Next!: Star pupil, Billy Martin, is admired by his teachers at Delray Beach High School but is much less popular with his fellow students, and in particular two of the more attractive girls, Jenny and Sian. The tables get turned, however, when the girls get caught wearing next to nothing whilst sunbathing on the flat roof of the science lab. Later that afternoon they are summoned to the principal's office and both are paddled, an event made all the sweeter for Billy who is asked to act as a witness to their punishment.

An English Girl at a Texas High School: Two years ago when she was 16, Joanne Brett moved from England to Fort Worth, Texas after her father was offered a long term contract with an oil company. Joanne adapts well to the local high school and has an unblemished record until she and four friends bunk off to spend the day at the beach but are spotted by one of the teachers. Back at school, Joanne has to wait outside the Assistant Principal's office while her four friends are summoned one after the other to be paddled. When it's her turn to be punished, however, she is sent to the Principal and her bottom is subjected to his extra large paddle known as the Beast.

Shorts One: Twelfth-grader Roni Everett is warming up for a 1500m qualifying race to represent her school in the district meet when she is pulled off the track and escorted to the Vice Principal's office. It seems she has three demerits and punishment can't wait. As she has not been given time to get changed, the Vice Principal paddles her over her skimpy running shorts.

The Paddling of Tammy Hirst: Following an altercation with two other cheer squad members, 19-year-old high school cheerleader Tammy is sent to the Principal's office. When she is told she will be kicked off the squad and suspended, she pleads for an alternative punishment and it is agreed she can have 10 swats of the paddle instead. She is horrified, however, when she learns that the paddling is to be given by Carl Babb, an Assistant Principal with whom she has previously had a brief sexual encounter.