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Scenes of Domestic Discipline: Book 3
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Mar 22, 2017 (2nd ed)
Words: 23,076
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline
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Price: $2.99
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This third volume of stories by Susan Thomas, based around the common theme of domestic discipline, features the following:

Fantasies: Feeling horny, Emma removes her panties before setting off home from the dinner dance with her husband, Tom. She fantasises about getting home and making love on the rug at the foot of the stairs, only to be spied on by Melissa, their babysitter who then gets spanked by her husband. Back home, Emma and Tom do indeed have great sex but later, upstairs, Emma discovers Melissa spanking herself in her room and ends up putting the babysitter over her knee and finishing the job. Back in her own bedroom Emma confesses to Tom who spanks her with a hairbrush.

Advice: Having trouble controlling her badly behaved teenage daughter, Ann seeks advice from a consultant. He recommends spanking and offers her a hairbrush, but suggests that Ann invite her brother-in-law to spank her rather than her daughter!

A Spanking Shared: When Clare pops round to see her friend Sue after a bout of heavy drinking the night before, she is shocked to discover that she is about to be spanked by Ken, who is apparently Sue's mentor and disciplinarian. After some hesitation, Clare volunteers to take half of Sue's punishment and the two women soon find themselves naked from the waist down and given a thorough spanking.

The Importance of Mothers: When 39-year-old Tracy Morgan moves south to take up a post as a Head teacher, she ends up renting a room in the house of Mrs Wildman, a widow aged around 60. The two soon become friends and following a series of discussions, Mrs Wildman offers to act as Tracy's surrogate mother, a role that will include discipline as and when necessary. A few days later, Tracy receives the first spanking from her landlady who puts her hairbrush to good use. Some time later, Mrs Wildman's daughter, Hannah arrives following an argument with her husband. She, too, receives a spanking and the following day, when Tracy and Hannah return home late and drunk from the pub, Mrs Wildman straps the pair of them. Tracy stays with Mrs Wildman until she gets married and always tells her pupils just how important a mother is!

Twelve Words: Jack longs to marry a woman with whom he can enjoy what he considers to be a 'traditional' marriage, one in which he is the head of the household and in a position to spank his wife when required. It looks like an indefinite bachelorhood may be on the cards when quite by chance he meets Mrs Pendle who runs an old-fashioned marriage bureau. It appears that matrimony and spankings may be a possibility after all.