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The Girl WIll Never Learn
a teen spanking novel
By: Katie Bradford

Published: Mar 20, 2017
Words: 99,278
Orientation: M/f
Category: teen
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Price: $4.99
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In this 100,000 word daddy spanks daughter novel, seventeen-year-old Katie has spent the majority of her teenage years living with her mother in Texas after her parents separated and her father remarried. But when her mother starts dating a new boyfriend and Katie keeps getting in trouble, she is packed off to spend some time with her father's family in Iowa.

Her father, however, is something of a strict disciplinarian, and when Katie rebels against his authority and gets up to mischief he takes her down to the basement, puts her over his knee, and spanks her bare bottom soundly with a wooden paddle and sometimes his leather belt. Later, when she goes back to visit her mother, Katie discovers that she has re-married and her stepfather is only too keen to spank her as well. He's also not averse to spanking her mother, too, when he feels she needs to be disciplined.

Back at her father's, Katie is subjected to one spanking after another as she continues to break the rules and, in addition, her stepsister is only too happy to tell on her whenever she can. Katie's growing list of misdemeanours include lying, smart-mouthing, stealing, wearing inappropriate clothing, repeatedly missing curfew, forging her father's signature and a whole lot more beside. As hardly a week goes by without her being punished, it really does seem as if the girl will never learn...