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The Spanking Erotica Collection - Volume 1
By: Frank Martinet

Published: Feb 26, 2017
Words: 74,777
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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If you're looking for erotic spanking fiction that will quicken your pulse and stimulate both mind and body then this is the collection for you. Featuring 17 spanking stories and around 75,000 words this anthology was previously published as 3 individual ebooks: Miss Tight Brown Pants; The Courtship of a Goddess; and The Bachelorette Party.

The following and a further 13 other stories are included:

The Affair: With her husband away, Shelby prepares for her lover. She lays out the toys and presents herself, naked, chained and blindfolded ready for him. But something is different - he is silent and unusually harsh, almost as though he wants to punish her. The punishment is intense and Shelby begs for release. Her lover takes her roughly, then again and again. Eventually, Shelby understands the reality of the situation.

The Accident: Brittany is a spoiled brat but this time she has gone too far. Driving while drunk, she runs down a man by accident. He is taken back to their house to recover but he soon works out what happened and gets Brittany's dad to agree to her submitting to a week of corporal punishment from him. It is a hard week but Brittany changes and the two fall in love.

The Bachelorette Party: Seven hot young college girls are gathered for a bachelorette party. They are dressed in sexy lingerie and are all quite drunk by the time the entertainment arrives, in the form of a man carrying a case. Cami is identified as the bride-to-be. Her friends encourage the man to spank her, but first they play a game. Each girl rolls a die which decides how many swats they are to get. Out of the man's case comes a hardwood paddle, and he uses it to great effect on the jiggling bouncing bottoms of the partygoers. All the girls are on the receiving end of the paddle, and then it is decided that the game will change slightly for Cami. She is to roll the die, but her roll will decide if she is to be spanked or not. An odd number gets her spanked, but if an even number is rolled, someone else will take her place. The paddle is swiftly put to good use again, followed by the tawse and the rattan cane. The man providing the entertainment also has a good time but knows he has to pay the price later ... with his own bottom.

The Healing Pool: Belinda follows her guide through the filthy streets and alleyways of the city towards the harbour, where she finds a boat waiting to take her on to the next stage of her journey. They sail over the Indian Ocean and eventually arrive at a secret place where Belinda bathes naked in a very special pool. Belinda finds out more about the healing power of the pool, and the price she has to pay to assuage her guilt of the past and free herself of emotional pain. She is whipped regularly, and willingly participates in orgiastic sex, and when she returns to the pool, she knows the healing process has begun.