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The Bad Girls of St Jude's
a schoolgirl spanking novella
By: Charlie Bell

Published: Feb 09, 2017
Words: 25,992
ASIN: B06X15D98T
Orientation: F/F. M/F
Category: school
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Price: $2.99
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Perdita is an orphan whose impoverished background is very different to that of her new classmates at the prestigious St Jude's College, an establishment which promotes high standards of academic achievement and behaviour. She accepts the offer of a scholarship and the opportunity to develop her talent for athletics, and is fully aware that prefects and staff of St Jude's use corporal punishment on any pupil who misbehaves or lacks motivation to study. It is not long before Perdita's insolent outburst gets her in bother, and she is punished by one of the teachers with a ruler. Further lapses in behaviour result in her being sent to Mrs Kaine's office, where she is given the strap, and subsequently a fierce caning. These are the first of many punishments, for Perdita quickly establishes a reputation for herself as a bad girl; and when she is befriended by Julie, the shy but academically brilliant pupil, the two of them get into further mischief. There are many sore spanked bottoms for these two eighteen-year-olds, who grudgingly acknowledge the cathartic effect of strict discipline.

This is a story of school life, discipline and camaraderie. It shows the transition of the socially inept and wilful Perdita into a young woman with integrity who becomes a role model amongst her peers.