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The Lovers of Spanking
By: Judy Karado

Published: Feb 07, 2017
Words: 45,538
ASIN: B01N80S53H
Orientation: mixed
Category: romance
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Price: $3.49
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John Merritt, a successful lawyer with a spanking fetish, has fantasised about having a woman over his lap and spanking her bare bottom ever since puberty. Turning such fantasies into reality, however, is easier said than done, and most of the time he has to settle for fetish magazines and the very occasional pat on the bottom of a girlfriend or two. His luck appears to change, though, when he meets and falls in love with Amanda Lane, a beautiful brunette who shares his fantasies. Everything appears to be working out well for the couple but tragedy strikes and John sinks into a deep depression.

Up-and-coming actress, Christina Patterson, first became aware of her own passion for spanking after witnessing her cousin Briana being spanked by her boyfriend. Her kink is just as strong some years later when she eavesdrops on her mother spanking her 19-year-old sister with a hairbrush and gets very aroused. Subsequently, Tina dates Mike who shares her love of spanking, but their relationship comes to a premature end following a threesome with her friend, Nancy.

The future for John and Tina seems likely to be one of frustration and lack of fulfilment, but when they happen to meet through a mutual friend, it looks like this might just be the start of something wonderful for the two lovers of spanking...