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Caned by the Headmaster
three schoolgirl spanking tales
By: Andy Nixon

Published: Apr 27, 2017
Words: 30,961
Orientation: M/F
Category: school
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Price: $3.29
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This book contains the following three fictional stories depicting the corporal punishment of sixth form schoolgirls:

The Hearing: When the Headmaster of St Andrew's Comprehensive School discovers that four of his upper sixth form girls have been shoplifting, he decides that corporal punishment is called for. All four girls are summoned to his study and sentenced to six strokes of the cane. However, after the first three girls have been disciplined, Corinne Wright, the ringleader of the group, refuses to be caned and walks out of the Headmaster's office, going home completely unpunished.

Offered the choice of corporal punishment or expulsion, her parents refuse to cooperate, and eventually an independent hearing is arranged to resolve the matter. As the hearing progresses it looks at first as if Corinne has won but the presiding magistrate's decision is not in her favour: if she doesn't want to be expelled she must accept the caning. There's even worse news for Corinne, though, when he adds four strokes of the tawse to her punishment.

Privileged Information: When the Headmaster's secretary carelessly leaves one of her filing cabinets open, three Upper Sixth form girls try to take advantage but are caught red-handed in her office photocopying their mock 'A' level exam papers. When she later tells her step-brother, a sixth form pupil at the same school, about it and that the girls have to see the Headmaster, he makes sure to be around at the appointed time in the hope of hearing them get caned. Not only does he get to overhear it but he also gets to witness one of the canings himself!

The Letter: When the local Conservative councillor attends Oakhampton High School's Sixth Form Debating Society, one of the girls, Daniella James, pelts him with eggs. The Headmaster is furious, and the following day Daniella finds herself in his study, bent over the back of a chair, for nine strokes of the cane. She is further instructed to write a detailed account of her punishment which is to be sent to the councillor.