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The Spanking of WPC Anne Martin
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Jan 24, 2017
Words: 18,669
Orientation: M/F
Category: school, 1960s
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Price: $2.99
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The year is 1960, and Woman Police Constable Anne Martin is a new member of the Police Force who soon finds that a serious mistake on her part leads to corporal punishment in the form of a slippering from Sergeant Peters. It is the first of many spankings in store for Anne. The young woman can easily pass as a sixteen-year-old, and is sent on an undercover mission to a girls' boarding school on the coast. In her role of sixth form schoolgirl, Anne is tasked to find out which member of staff is responsible for drug smuggling. The school has a very strict disciplinary policy, and it isn't long before Anne is spanked and caned ... all in the line of duty! The intrepid young WPC successfully completes her mission, and leaves with a very sore bottom.

After being promoted to Detective Constable, Anne's next assignment is to pose as a hostess at The Tamarisk Club, with the objective of finding out who shows up at the meetings held there by the nefarious Bartlett gang. The club manager, Mr Tasker, gives her the job, making it clear that she must be nice to the customers, and that he will spank her bare bottom when she breaks the rules. Anne quickly finds she gets spanked even when she doesn't break the rules! Her bottom pays a further price when she is sought out for a session with a distinguished member of the club. He has her dress as a schoolgirl and enjoys disciplining her, but Anne is jubilant when she works out his real identity.

Her career in the force progresses nicely, and her feelings for Detective Superintendent Tom Craig develop. All the spankings she has received in the line of duty make her eager to sample a fun spanking with the handsome Tom ... and it seems he is more than happy to oblige...