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Lydia Hartwell: Omnibus Edition
a victorian tale of spanking & erotic flagellation
By: Stanlegh Meresith

Published: Dec 23, 2016
Words: 104,959
Orientation: M/F (mainly)
Category: victorian, historical, school
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Price: $4.49
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With just under 105,000 words, this special Omnibus Edition features the previously published A Victorian Spanking Adventure and its sequel, The Life & Times of Lydia Hartwell:

A Victorian Spanking Adventure: This 87,000 word novel is structured in the form of an exchange of letters from Mary Hartwell to Professor Hastings. The letters, dated 1868, came into Mary's possession following the death of her grandmother, Lydia Hartwell. The content of the letters reveal detailed accounts of spanking and corporal punishment, with particular reference to the harsh disciplinary regime at Greystones Public School, an institution Lydia attended in place of her brother, disguising herself as a teenage boy.

Lydia's letters to her Aunt Julia describe her many experiences as the recipient of strap, cane, birch, paddle, clothes brush and other instruments of correction ... and also reveal her enjoyment of her various punishments. A Victorian Spanking Adventure details the discipline of Lydia and others, with hearty thrashings galore from wicked housemasters.

The Life & Times of Lydia Hartwell: The life and times of the beautiful Victorian submissive, Lydia Hartwell, are depicted in a monograph. From her performances at the Theatre of Swish where she played a girl disguised as a boy, to her services as flagellatory entertainment at the Birch Club, she stands out as a young woman who willingly accepts punishment, not only from the proprietress of the highly select establishment, but from the members too. Whilst there is no shortage of popular girls at the Birch Club, it is Lydia's captivating performances that generate the keenest interest. She appears regularly at exclusive soires, utilising her thespian skills in the enactment of exciting scenarios for the wealthy gentlemen who pay for the privilege of chastising her with all manner of implements including birch, cane and strap.