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Iron and Leather
steampunk spanking tales
By: DJ Black

Published: Dec 24, 2016
Words: 24,852
Orientation: M/F
Category: steampunk
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Price: $2.99
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The year is 1872, and the workshops of Marley Dexter & Co are busily working on wondrous new labour saving machines, with the many apprentices happily toiling away under the ever watchful eye of engineer and inventor, Dr Ebenezer Marley. But Dr Marley can spot a female posterior, however well disguised ... and so it is discovered that Amelia Craven has been masquerading as a boy apprentice. Her passion for steam and airships convinces her employers to retain her services ... particularly as she has invented a steam-powered spanking machine!

Jocelyn Deveraux is an advocate of trousers for women, but her father takes a contrary view. Unable to control his wilful 20-year-old daughter, (who has successfully scared off countless governesses) he engages the services of a governor. Axel Dalliance is an imposing figure, half-man, half-cyborg with one metallic eye and a leather hand, perfect for disciplining a naughty girl's bottom. To her intense surprise, Jocelyn begins to crave Axel and his discipline.

Lady Arabella Catherine Baxendale (Bella) is enjoying her flight in an airship, but strong headwinds means the ship has burnt more kerosene than anticipated, so the captain has to land on the Irish coast before nightfall. Bella then takes matters into her own hands and makes demands on the locals for kerosene. But she has met her match in Sean O'Brian, the biggest, tallest and broadest man in Killarney, and her insults earn her a spanked bottom!