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The Disciplined Male Anthology
19 femdom tales
By: W. Arthur

Published: Dec 23, 2016
Words: 75,356
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $4.99
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This anthology features a collection of 19 femdom stories totalling over 75,000 words in which men find themselves on the receiving end of strict discipline from dominant women:

1. The Doctor and Mrs. Tolliver: New to the area, Doctor Tomisini pays a visit to a nearby antique shop where an old leather razor strop catches his eye. The attractive female shop owner explains that it used to belong to her grandfather. Later, he is bent over a stool with his bottom bared, whilst she gives him a painful strapping prior to making love.

2. Caught Staring: Rather than completing the long list of tasks awaiting his attention, tenured professor, Gene Atherton, gazes out of his office window, surreptitiously watching the scantily clad female college students enjoying the spring weather outside. Unfortunately, he is caught spying by his dominant, controlling sister who is Dean of Humanities. Bent over his office desk, she subjects him to a vigorous spanking with a long wooden ruler followed by a no-nonsense paddling later at home.

3. A Hairbrush for a Bully's Bottom!: Rodney compensates for his lack of height by being a bully in the workplace and terrorizing the female employees. But when confronted and punished by three women wielding a hairbrush, he is made to see the error of his ways.

4. Do unto Horses: When his dot com business goes bust, Barry and his wife are offered a place to stay at a farm owned by his wife's sister, Kelly. In return, Barry is expected to help with farm work. However, when he gets drunk and starts abusing the horses, Kelly bares his bottom and delivers a ferocious strapping.

5. Lost and Found in New Orleans: Wanting to broaden his horizons, twenty-one-year-old Josh Barclay buys a one-way ticket to New Orleans where he is intending to take a temporary job as a bouncer at a well-known bar. Things go from bad to worse though when he discovers that there is no job, and he is subsequently scammed, leaving him virtually broke. An attempt to get some money leads to him being apprehended by two female detectives who take him back to their hotel room. Rather than face charges, he is talked into letting them spank him, an activity which leads to all three ending up in bed together.

6. Motivated by the Paddle: Larry's wife is tired of his binging on beer and donuts and, with the help of a big wooden paddle, motivates him to keep fit!

7. Laid Off: After George loses his job he goes into a major slump. When his wife finally runs out of patience with him, he is given an ultimatum: he can accept her help or she will leave him. He accepts the offer of help which turns out to be a blistering spanking with her hairbrush.

8. The Cloud: Although an accomplished property developer, Adrian Davis has sexist attitudes and a tendency to make his female staff feel uncomfortable by leering at them. When his office manager and two other female staff accompany him to a construction site, an accident at a local nuclear power plant forces them to take refuge in a trailer. Suggesting their lives are in danger, Adrian suggests they have sex, but the three women have their own ideas. Bending him over the back of a chair, all three of the women get revenge on their boss by spanking him with a heavy metal ruler.

9. Spanking on the Radio: Gary is a 'shock jock' at the local radio station and does what he can to get ratings - and that includes lies and deceit and sexist remarks. But he gets his well-deserved comeuppance when he is physically chastised on the air by a group of rather angry women.

10. Lauren's Sudden Change: Married couple, Lauren and Steven, enjoy a particularly active and imaginative sex life. Later, when several months pregnant, Lauren appears to lose interest and Steven resorts to staying out late, drinking. Eventually, Lauren puts her foot down and spanks her husband with a large wooden spoon.

11. Indian Agent: Thirty-one-year-old Bertram Clements is an ill-prepared and somewhat incompetent Indian agent. One day, having consumed the best part of a bottle of whiskey, he stumbles outside, banging his head on a fir tree and knocking himself out. When he regains consciousness he finds himself in the lodge of Milnadi, one of the Indian elders. In order to prove he is worthy, Bertram is restrained by three young Indian women whilst another punishes him with a long, thin birch branch. Afterwards, he gets to 'lie' with each of the four women in turn...

12. The Turning Point: Workaholic Andy loves his job more than his wife, Meredith, who he neglects for two years. However, with the help of friends and a very hard paddle, Meredith turns the tables, and gives Andy an unexpected ultimatum... and a very sore bottom.

13. Summer Break: Twenty-year-old college student Joel is busy painting the outside of his uncle's house while he is away when, looking through the window, he is shocked to see his uncle's wife and several of her female friends naked and pleasuring each other. When he is caught in the act of spying, they subject him to a prolonged spanking with a sorority paddle and then make use of him to satisfy their sexual needs.

14. The Sirens of Salem: Whilst on a sales call in Salem, Tom propositions a waitress who is not impressed with his advances. Later, whilst driving home, his car veers into a mailbox at the end of a driveway belonging to two attractive sisters. They invite him inside to discuss the damage and are soon joined by their cousin, the waitress Tom had offended. As an alternative to calling the police, Tom is forced to agree to being stripped naked and spanked by all three women. After, he is made to satisfy them sexually.

15. Revenge with a Ruler: Ten years after graduating from his old high school, Raymond Cutter goes back - as a junior English teacher. Although he has changed his ways, he was a troublemaker in his day, and some of his more serious infractions have not been forgotten by the stern librarian and equally formidable choral music teacher. They teach him a lesson - with a long wooden ruler on his bare bottom.

16. Starting Over: Morris and his wife plan on giving up work as soon as they can afford it, but when he wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit he still keeps on working until finally his wife decides to leave him. In an attempt to woo her back, Morris arranges to meet at a hotel where eventually she agrees to return, but not until she's given him a well-deserved spanking with her hairbrush.

17. A Dozen Donuts: It seems that every man has a passion and Warren's is doughnuts. Concerned for his health, his wife makes him earn them by carrying out tasks around the house. Eventually, though, she decides a change of plan is required and he is offered a dozen doughnuts provided he accepts a sound spanking. Uncertain at first, he eventually agrees with the promise that if he endures 60 strokes of the hairbrush his wife will allow him to have sex with her. Afterwards, it seems he may have forgotten about the doughnuts...

18. Jonas Gets Punished: When former drug dealer, Jonas, gets out of prison, he returns home and is punished by the three women who love him. The wicked crop helps motivate him to mend his ways.

19. Spring Cleaning: When Beth is discharged from hospital, having previously sustained serious injuries in a car crash, she is dismayed to find the house has not been cleaned for quite some time. Her husband agrees to do the cleaning on condition that Beth 'persuades' him with a spanking. Initially reluctant, she soon develops a taste for it...