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Christmas across the County Line
clare's first spankings
By: R.G. Chilton

Published: Oct 25, 2016
Words: 52,440
ASIN: B01MG4P911
Orientation: F/F
Category: xmas, femdom
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Price: $3.79
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Freshman college student Clare lives in a future society and is glad she wasn't born sixty years earlier as she would have lived through 'the collapse'. Clare lives in Wellington County, but life is very different in the neighbouring Hazard County ... because in Hazard County, people are spank happy, and corporal punishment is never off the agenda. Still, the more Clare hears about what goes on in Hazard County, the more intrigued she becomes. It isn't as though she wants to experience a spanking for herself; no, she'd far rather take her younger bratty brother there and get him spanked instead. So when the opportunity to spend Christmas in Hazard County with her Aunt Mona and cousin Jane presents itself, Clare does not hesitate to accept the invitation. And once there, the thing uppermost on her mind is how cool it would be to contrive to get her brother to come and stay too. However, Clare's plan goes awry, as it is she who gets spanked - and quite regularly too, by her aunt and other females. Not only that, because she is under twenty-one, it seems any adult can spank her if they think she needs it (sometimes in public) ... and her aunt sometimes makes her dress in childish clothes ... panties with teddy bear decorations, drop-seat pyjamas, and short skirts. It is certainly an experience, and one she will never forget!