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Everyone Spanks Karen
an F/F spanking fiction novella
By: Peter Martin

Published: Apr 18, 2017
Words: 62,282
Orientation: F/F
Category: general
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Price: $3.99
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When thirty-seven-year-old Karen gets the opportunity to be caned by Mrs Caplan, Headmistress of her former school, she is very excited at the prospect, particularly when she gets to wear a school uniform for her punishment. But when she returns home and talks over everything with her mother, Geraldine, she's in for a big surprise. Geraldine decides that a detention or spanking at school should result in a spanking at home. Thus begins a new phase in Karen's life, as she gives her mother full disciplinary rights over her. Karen continues to be punished for a while by Mrs Caplan and also by Mrs Smithers, her former gym mistress. Mrs Caplan's daughter, Ellie, witnesses Karen's spanking, and the two embark on a relationship.

However, given Karen's increasingly rude behaviour at home, she earns yet more spankings from Geraldine, and it isn't long before Karen's teen daughters find out what's happening, which is very humiliating for Karen, especially when they witness her getting her bare bottom spanked. Things escalate when Geraldine goes away and temporarily transfers spanking rights to Karen's daughter, Lucy. It seems whatever Karen does, earns her a spanking, and that includes being spanked by neighbours, acquaintances and department store staff. But the majority of her time is spent over the maternal lap, and those spankings are very different to the erotic spankings from the new woman in her life, Stella. One thing's for sure ... Karen is looking forward to more discipline from the two key women in her life: her mum and Stella.