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Home for Christmas
two seasonal western romances
By: Leigh Smith

Published: Oct 28, 2016
Words: 26,420
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance, xmas
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Price: $2.99
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Get into the Christmas spirit with these two seasonal western romances, featuring happy ever after endings:

Home for Christmas: On his way home, rancher Mitch Ryder is surprised to see a young woman on her own at the side of the road. He offers her a lift in his truck, and after she introduces herself as Bonnie, invites her to stay at his place until she gets on her feet.

As the days go by, it becomes clear that the couple are attracted to each other, but Mitch is used to leading a solitary life and gives Bonnie no idea of his real feelings for her. However, when Randy, one of the patrons from the diner where she works, brings her home, it is clear that Mitch is jealous, and after a heated discussion, Bonnie ends up over his knee for a spanking. Things come to a head when Randy helps Bonnie put up a Christmas tree, and when Mitch arrives home, a huge row ensues which results in him taking his belt to her. Remorseful for what he done, Mitch opens his heart to her, declares his true feelings, and the couple end up making love.

As Christmas approaches, Bonnie learns that Mitch is estranged from his family and hasn't been home in years. However, following an unexpected visit from his mother, he agrees to go home to the family ranch for Christmas, taking Bonnie with him. Reconciled with his father, the couple are warmly welcomed by Mitch's family and when Christmas Day arrives, Mitch has a question for Bonnie...

Christmas Surprise: Having lost her first husband in a fierce snowstorm, Lily has been fortunate enough to find love again and has married his best friend, Luke. Lily, however, has a tendency to be sharp-tongued, and is often inclined to behave badly when she doesn't get all her own way. Although deeply in love, Luke isn't prepared to put up with her tantrums, and when she oversteps the mark she usually finds herself on the receiving end of a no-nonsense spanking.

As their first Christmas approaches, things don't go according to plan when, caught in the reins, Lily is dragged along the ground by their horse, and suffers cuts and abrasions. Later still, Luke is mauled by a stray cougar and unable to work for a week. But all turns out well in the end when Lily's estranged father arrives, bringing a new wife along with him. On Christmas morning, however, Lily has a big surprise for her husband...