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His Lordship's Bride
a victorian tale of romance and domestic discipline
By: Abigail Armani

Published: Dec 24, 2016 (2nd ed)
Words: 42,289
Orientation: M/F
Category: romance, historical
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Price: $3.99
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Elizabeth, the only child of Lord and Lady Thoresby, runs away to escape a loveless marriage. Instead she marries Edward, a groom, and they travel to India. Settling in Calcutta, where Edward is employed by the powerful East India Trading company, their new life is enriched further when their daughter Constance is born. But when Constance is almost eighteen, a tragic event, combined with the unstable political situation, forces Elizabeth to send Constance back to England to seek safety with her grandparents. But events do not go according to plan. Though Constance escapes the Indian mutiny, she falls prey to other dangers on the long journey to England on board the S.S. Great Western.

On reaching England, Constance discovers that Thoresby Hall is practically deserted, as its occupants have left for six weeks in Scotland. Salvation comes in the unlikely guise of the dour Mrs Cross, housekeeper at Gatley Park. She has returned with new staff from the hiring fair, but is short of a kitchen maid. Having no money left, Constance seizes her opportunity, determined to return to Thoresby in six weeks time. She settles into domestic service and on her afternoon off 'borrows' a horse and enjoys a wild gallop through the estate, where she is pursued by the owner of Gatley Park, Lord Harper.

There is an immediate attraction, and the pair regularly enjoy each others company - much to the annoyance of Lord Harper's mother. Love blooms and intimacies are shared, but by the time Lord Harper recognises his true feelings, catastrophe strikes. Heartbroken, Constance leaves Gatley Park and the only sanctuary she can find is behind the bar in a coaching inn 55 miles away, where there are further indignities to be faced. Her life is wretched, but destiny lends a hand to shape her future with the handsome Lord Harper, to whom she eventually reveals her true identity ... but he is a man who believes in loving discipline, and doesn't hesitate to give his new bride a spanking when she needs it. She soon learns the price of her disobedience, but also knows her man will always love and protect her ... which is just as well, as a threat from the past emerges...