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Tales of Female Chastisement: Volume 3
By: Rick Marlowe

Published: Jun 19, 2017
Words: 24,386
ASIN: B072V59LG2
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This third volume of stories includes another assortment of naughty females in need of disciplinary measures...

A Dream Fulfilled: A spanking fantasy is turned into reality when a married woman learns that her best friend, Stacy and her husband Leif are heavily into spanking. She gets to watch Stacy being spanked before finding herself over Leif's knee. The spanking leads to the three of them having fantastic sex and is the beginning of a regular routine.

The Recruiters: Donna and her husband meet university student Katy in the laundrette. Donna and Katy become friends and eventually lovers, and Katy is introduced to the delights of a well spanked bottom from Donna's husband.

Happy Birthday, Maggie: As Maggie's 40th birthday approaches, her husband finds a way to renew their flagging passion with a birthday spanking and hot sex.

Naughty: Chris longs to spank his wife and one day initiates an opportunity to do so, leading to an interesting and satisfying journey of discovery.

A Belated Comeuppance: After twenty years a student goes back to thank her favourite teacher. She also admits that she broke something and another student was blamed for it. This confession results in her getting the same punishment the other student had received.

Dem Bones: On an Argentinian dig run by Doug, his occasional bed partner, Michele, tries to take advantage of their relationship by taking liberties at work. Some local advice gives him an idea as to how he can deal with the problem.

Dr. Marlowe's Weight-loss Spanking Plan: Denise comes up with a novel way for her husband to get to spank someone. After giving their first customer a free trial and convincing her that her spanking has indeed made her lose weight, Denise receives her reward...

Stoking the Fire: An anticipated romantic weekend gets off to a bad start as Angie is not at all happy about spending the weekend in a secluded cabin with a wood stove as the only source of heat. But her husband knows just what to do - and more than one fire gets stoked!

A Late Paper: Heather's paper on the effectiveness of corporal punishment is poorly written, badly researched, and delivered late. Her professor gives her a choice: fail the paper or participate in some practical experiments.

No Laughing Matter: Dan is attracted to Cissy but finds her incessant giggling hugely annoying. One night he invites her back to his place where she develops a prolonged attack of noisy hiccoughs, which in combination with her stupid giggling drives him insane. In desperation he restrains her and treats her affliction with a dose of the cane.

The Consequences of Speeding: Diane can't believe she has been caught speeding again. Desperate to avoid losing her license she asks the police officer if there is any other way out of her predicament - and ends up with one very sore bottom.