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My Tutor
a schoolboy's rite of passage into spanking and adulthood
By: Steve Timmons

Published: Sep 18, 2016
Words: 27,063
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom, school
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Price: $2.99
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When high school student Tom Farrell is labelled as an underachiever, his brilliantly academic parents arrange for him to have a private tutor. Tom is surprised to find she is already known to him ... Casey Corrigan is a friend of his older sister and someone he has the hots for. Casey has an excellent reputation as a tutor, though her methods are somewhat unusual, as Tom quickly finds when she paddles his bottom because he was late for a lesson. However, Casey's corporal punishment proves a suitable motivation for Tom, particularly when administered on his bare bottom. His grades improve steadily and he develops a healthy respect for Casey, who regularly punishes him with several 'tune up' spankings to help keep him in line.

Maths is Tom's weak area, and as it isn't Casey's best subject, she brings in another tutor to help out. Her name is Amy, and Tom falls in love with her on the spot. Amy helps him through his worst subject and doesn't hesitate to spank where necessary, and she and Casey are there for him when he is caught up in an incident at school. Going to the aid of a younger boy who is being bullied, Tom is falsely accused and has to face the unjust, severe, and painful consequences.