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Women who Spank Men Box Set 4
a collection of domestic femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: May 03, 2017
Words: 100,148
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $8.99
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This box set is essential reading for all those who love the idea of a man going over the lap of a strict woman for a dose of good old-fashioned discipline. Containing volumes 12 to 16 of the Women who Spank Men series, it features 27 stories totalling 100,000 words. Included in this collection are the following, along with 23 other stories:

Aunt Edith by Stephen de Medici: When Stephen's formidable Aunt Edith pays him a visit, he is horrified to discover that he had accidentally sent her a Christmas card with a nude photo of himself being caned by his wife. He is soon made to regret his error when his wife and aunt collaborate to punish him with a hairbrush and a whippy nylon cane.

Five Years Later by Anthony Alba: James returns to the school, where he had formerly been a pupil, as a new teacher. There he is greeted by the drop dead gorgeous Miss Styles, who had been his own favourite teacher. Having had a major crush on her, he'd gone out of his way to misbehave so that she would cane him. When James admits to having stolen her cane at the end of term, she produces her new one and, having instructed him to bend over the desk, he is once again on the receiving end of her whippy rattan.

Something Wicked by Pat Jones: Charles Martin is a Headmaster who enjoys his job, especially punishing naughty schoolgirl bottoms. But, suddenly, he finds he is an 18-year-old schoolboy again being called to the Headmistress' office for discipline. It seems that three of the naughtiest girls are now in charge and about to show no mercy as naked, he is spanked and severely humiliated at their hands.

Stinging the Future Son-in-Law by Bill Board: Lori is suspicious of her daughter's partner, Jamie. She has secrets in her life, and feels that he is far too nosy. She sets up a sting which Jamie falls for in a big way, resulting in a vigorous hairbrush spanking which makes him promise to change his ways.