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The Governess Search
the corporal punishment of an upper class gentleman
By: Austin Carr

Published: Aug 22, 2016
Words: 28,083
Orientation: F/M (mainly)
Category: femdom, historical
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Price: $2.99
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Having spent most of her adult life as a governess, Elizabeth Rodham is discharged from her position as her charges have grown too old to require her services, and in her early thirties she now faces a future of poverty and insecurity ... until the arrival of an unexpected letter from a Mr. Kenworthy. It transpires that Elizabeth's former employer has recommended her for a position dealing with the ward of Mr. Kenworthy.

Mr. Kenworthy turns out to be a very wealthy man with a large estate (Shadowplains) in Norfolk; he is a charming and handsome young gentleman ... but it isn't long before Elizabeth discovers exactly what he is looking for in his search for a governess, for he has an appetite for receiving corporal punishment, and who better to deal with him than she? Other arrangements are made for Mr Kenworthy's ward, and Elizabeth is appointed Housekeeper of Shadowplains, a position she fulfils admirably, though not without jealousy when various well-bred young women come calling, hoping to be chosen as the future bride of Mr. Kenworthy.

But a very close bond develops between the new housekeeper and her employer, and they become lovers. Elizabeth is usually the one dispensing discipline in the relationship, but on one occasion when she oversteps the mark, Mr Kenworthy takes her to task by giving her a well-deserved spanking. Normality resumes, but things are happening behind the scenes, and Elizabeth is faced with a significant decision which will affect her whole way of life...