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Spanking the Maid
By: Robert Price

Published: Aug 18, 2016
Words: 21,906
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom, lesbian, school
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Price: $2.99
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Unable to get a job after graduating from university, Caroline eventually obtains a position as a live-in maid in a large private residence owned by Ms Margaret Hardiman, a pleasant woman in her mid-thirties. In her spare time, Caroline meets up with her friend Heather, and finds out that not only did Ms Hardiman used to be Heather's school teacher, she also had a reputation for spanking girls' bottoms. Caroline soon finds this out for herself, because when the standard of her work lapses, her employer is not pleased, but agrees not to terminate her employment providing she will accept corporal punishment.

So for the first time in her twenty-three years, Caroline gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with hand and hairbrush, and although painful, she very much enjoys the aftercare when soothing cream is applied. As the spankings become more frequent, the nature of the relationship changes and the two women become lovers. All is well until the arrival of Miss Jackman, a formidable and sadistic headmistress who insists on punishing Caroline herself. But there is more to Miss Jackman than meets the eye, and Caroline ultimately finds out the truth about her employer's past.