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Journey into Domestic Discipline
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Dec 24, 2016
Words: 44,860
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline, romance
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Price: $4.49
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This special Omnibus Edition features the previously published Sally's Journey and its sequel, Anne's Journey:

Sally's Journey: Following a tragic accident which left her parents and brother dead, Sally leaves her high-flying job in New York to offer help and support to her bereaved sister-in-law Anne and her children. During the six months she stays with Anne's family, Sally re-evaluates her life and finds it lacking. Six months later she returns to New York and attends a fundamentalist church where she chances upon a note pinned to the notice board. A widower with a young daughter seeks a wife. She reads that the man placing the ad lives in a small rural community which abides by domestic discipline principles. Intrigued, she does some research into the community and learns that in each household the man is the leader and his wife accepts his right to bestow corrective discipline when needed.

Following an exchange of emails, Sally travels to the small town of Wheelton to meet Sam Alden. He does not disappoint, and as the two get to know each other, they discuss the domestic discipline lifestyle. Although it is all completely new to Sally, she begins to understand the thinking behind it, and accepts Sam's offer of marriage. Now that Sally is a happily married housewife and mother, her life is radically different. She makes mistakes along the way - which inevitably lead to her new husband disciplining her. This is the story of how she deals with her new life, falls in love with her husband, and learns how to be obedient and willingly submit to Sam's authority and discipline. It is a rewarding lifestyle...

Anne's Journey: Anne is traumatised following the death of her husband and his parents, and subsequently receives a huge amount of support from Sally, her sister-in-law. After a period of time has elapsed, Anne travels to America for a lengthy visit to stay with Sally and her family, and it is there that she meets the handsome community minister, Tom Chambers ... but when he first makes an attempt to speak to her, Sally rudely cuts in and hustles Anne away. Later that evening, Anne hears Sally's husband Sam spanking her. She later learns that not only do Sally and Sam practice domestic discipline, but the entire community in which they live also share the same lifestyle ... including the minister.

Though Tom has only just met Anne, he is absolutely sure he is going to marry her, and when Anne agrees to a period of courtship, she discovers it will also include being disciplined. It isn't long before Tom spanks Anne for using bad language, and much to Anne's surprise, she isn't resentful. She has much to learn about the domestic discipline lifestyle, and her feelings for the quietly assertive and kindly Tom help everything slot into place. But things don't go smoothly, and there are various problems to be overcome ... including winning the approval of her parents who think she is in the clutches of some weird cult.